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What is the most critical bug you found in your latest
project or overall in your career ?

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An automated bank teller system?

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Mention some of the types of software testing?

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How would you prepare the test plan without srs?

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what approach do you folllow in writing test cases?

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what is compliance testing

6 Answers   Kanbay,

When should u feel that u can stop testing now?

10 Answers   iSoft, MBT, TCS, Verisoft,

u know the control flow & data flow then what type of testing u want to choose?

2 Answers   Logica CMG,

can u share your though about test leakage matrix with template?

0 Answers   XYZ,

What is the difference between preventative and reactive approaches in testing?

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what is diff b/w load testing and volume testing?

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While doing desktop review of any document, how to judge that this comment is 1.Information 2.Trivial 3.Minor 4.Major 5.Critical 6.Blocker

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What are the types of documents in sqa?

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