what is idealcapital?what should be the ideal capital for
indian organisations?is it different from firm to firm?

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 A firm pays commission to its manager @10%on profits arrived at after charging such commission.What will be the amount of commission if the profits before charging such commission is Rupee 22,000?

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If We Are Purchase Any Service For Ex. Agency Charges From Creditors & Give Or Sale The Same To Debtors; Then How I Open Agency Charges Ledger? What Is The Grouping Of It? Is It Purchase A/c. Or Sales A/c.? And If Its Purchase A/c. Then How I Enter It In Debtors A/c. Or Should I Make Two Different Ledgers With Two Groupings Purchase One And Sales One?

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what is the difference between proforma invoice , commercial invoice and invoice

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how to calculate process account under fifo and weighte average method in eqivalent production.

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What are direct and indirect taxes?

7 Answers   Genpact,

why creditors a/c dr. to discount received a/c ?

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what will be the entry for baddebts write off. what will be the entry for baddebts write off recovered.

6 Answers   Capital IQ,

what are the charecteristics of cost accounting financial accounting managment accounting payroll accounting environmental accounting h r accounting forensic accounting inflation accounting?

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What is an E-1 Sales.

4 Answers   Chintan Sales,

How can minus tax amount from total price i.e. 2000+5%=2100 now i want to minus 5% from 2100 and want result 2000

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cost of lease=20,000.refundable deposits 2000 (after 4 years).annuity value for 4 years @5% is .2820.find the net charge to p&l a/c

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calculation of coast of goods sold

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