what is idealcapital?what should be the ideal capital for
indian organisations?is it different from firm to firm?

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What is the Difference Between (A/c Payable / Receivable ) AND ( Bills payable / Receivable )................?

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sir , i am very confussing enrty for cash receipts in t code fbcj. do the effect on wbs element after selected wbs ?

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What is a ledger?

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what do you mean by the word Purchase

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Is there any significance between Bank Reconciliation and Account Reconciliation in Accounts?

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why loose tools are not treated as current asset?

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what are the errors in brs?& what is useful of them?

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bank jobs

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As you know account executives need to be talented salespeople. Do you have experience making sales?

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Difference between expense and expenditure ?

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What does overhead mean in regards to accounting?

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What do you mean about TDS And Sale tax retrun

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