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What are the methods used in different industries for labor
and non-labor costs in Projects.

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What is the Major Difference between Revised Schedule VI and Old Schedule VI ?

1 Answers   DMRC,

Can anybody tell me the steps involved in Budgeting / Forecasting generally..?. Hints would be appreciated highly.

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A new firm commenced business on 1st January, 2006 and purchased goods costing Rs. 90,000 during the year. A sum of Rs. 6,000 was spent on freight inwards. At the end of the year the cost of goods still unsold was Rs. 12,000. Sales during the year Rs. 1,20,000. What is the gross profit earned by the firm? (a) Rs. 36,000 (b) Rs. 30,000 (c) Rs. 42,000 (d) Rs. 38,000

2 Answers   IMT, Wipro,

How Adjust The Amount Taken By Partners For Personal Use? Is The Entry For Drawings? Even If The Amt Exceed 5 Lakhs Or As Partners Loan If Its Not Recovered Even After 1 Year? Discribe All.

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My question is why we debit the input tax, and cradit the output tax. wt is the logic and wt is the principal behind it adil khan( CA STUDENT)

2 Answers   Asia Transport,


2 Answers  

Define balancing in accounting?

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how pass journal entry in the month ending for input vat and out put vat

0 Answers   Aegis,

hi i want to run vendor debit memo after he paid all amount i want to give discount through miro i am giving the price and quantity and run in through miro the system will pass another two more line iteams extra and shwoing dr/cr balance +/- when i will increase the amount this is also increasing what is the reason i dont know please send me immediately

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what is sundry debtors and creditors?

3 Answers  

what is finance

1 Answers   Integreon,

Are all employess of Embassies and World Bank in India are exempt form paying service tax for personal and offical use of the services or only Dimplomats in case of Embassies and Selected emplyoees of World Bank are exempt from payeing Service Tax for personal/offical use

1 Answers