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what is integration testing technique(like topdown,bottomup
and hybrid)explain me friends

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what is integration testing technique(like topdown,bottomup and hybrid)explain me friends..

Answer / rajnish jha

there r four approach oh integration testing technique....
1)Top Down approach(TDA)-In this approach the parent modules
are developed first and then integrated with child modules.
2)Bottom up approach(BUA)-In this approach the child module
are developed first and integrated that to the corresponding
parent modules.
3)Hybrid approach-This approach is mixed approach of both
top down and bottom up approachs
4)BigBang approach-once all the module r ready at a time
integrating them finally is known as big bang approach.

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what is integration testing technique(like topdown,bottomup and hybrid)explain me friends..

Answer / ramachandra

for small applications we go for Topdown approach
for big applications usually we go Bottomup approach

while integrating all the modules from top that means under main module some sub modules will be there. in this process any module is missing or not prepared yet at that time for integration purpose one dummy module+stub is created and act as interfase

and same is happen from bottom to top
here dummy module+ driver act as interface

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