write testcases for keyboard

write testcases for keyboard..

Answer / nisha

To write testcase for Keyboard.First we need to prepare test scenario.From test scenario we r writting each & every test cases like positive,negative,Functional,Gui testcases.
Test scenario:
1.Verify Inputs of keyboard
2.Verify each & evry control buttons

Format of Testcase
TID testDescrption Tstdata expectedResult Actual Pass/Fail

testdescription:Enter data from keyboard
expectedResult:It should accept numbers

testdescription:Enter data from keyboard
expectedResult:It should accept alphabets
other test descriptions are:
Clik insert
Click HOme
Click Delete
Click page down
click page up
click print screen
click pause
Click tab
click Esc
click Caps Lock
Click enter
Click shift
Click Alt

For each & every function we need to write +ve & -Ve test cases

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