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Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?

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hello sir , doing certification in manual testing is good and worth to get a job ????????? if so may i know which be a good institute to learn manual testing????? i have to say about myself that i'm not gud at programming and maths so plz refer which afford to me if this not suits?

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i hv been shortlisted in SBI clerk xam bt lost d challan n sat in d wrttn test wd a undertaking..nw m havin the xerox of dat portion of d challan which was submitted to bank and also a wrttn from d Chief manager of d branch dat i hav deposited d amt..wl it do or m i goin to b rejected?

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why join as medical representative

0 Answers   Sun Pharma,

NCFM/NISM Mock Test/NCFM/NISM Study Material/NCFM/NISM Online Question Bank/ NCFM Practice books

2 Answers   HSBC,

Please suggest for diploma engr any good certificaations or courses which will fetch a good jobs?

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sir/mam , i have already appeared the ncfm beginners module. now im going to appear the dealers mod of capital market. my ncfm id is 00000873523. plz send me a mail dat how i wil get my hall ticket. my exam will be on 14.10.2011

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What is difference between null Nat and NAT 0

0 Answers   HCL,

salary package for sap fico fresher (zero experinece)

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Hi I want to do certification on security trading.Any idea ?

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hi! i am a 3rd year engineering student pursuing a degree in computer science and engineering. i was wondering that would it be useful for me to join the IBM's CEIS program. they have said it is a 5 month program and would cost me Rs.71000. they have said that i would be placed in ibm. so would this course be of any use to me as i am an engineering student doing computer science and engineering.

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What does a LDB(Logical Database) provide? a) Consistent and flexible user interface b) Central performance improvements for update accesses c) A method to access the data in a random manner d) Centrally defined authorization checks. Please answer only if you are very sure. Else pls ignore.

1 Answers   SAP Labs,

i a man spent 1 of 5 on clothes and 1 of 3 on food and remained with tsh 49000 what he is salary?

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