Guys, can any one of u give the realtime example for Ad Hoc

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Answer / mudaseer

when you log out of gmail and click back button it doesn't take you to inbox page so adhoc testing is passed

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Answer / rinakshi

At the time of system testing the testers try to break the
system by continueously changing the input.Some times its
called nagetive testing.

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Answer / k.shirisha

due to lack of time and previous knowledge of testing test
engineers are testing important aspects of application
without any test plans by randomly checking the system.

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Answer / rinakshi

If we are give a login page & its strictly restricted to
input special characters in the email ID,
The testers try to input special characters & blank space .
Then if the system is creating a new email ID ,Then the
test fails.
If it displays an error message then its passed

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