1)how will you check the expenses?

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Answer / harsh aggarwal

It can be examined through the receipt of the
expences.Which is to be find in the purchase file of the
organisation .

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Answer / pravin.kamble425@gmail.com

If you are making a audit of a Firm / Company, to check the
expenses, simplest way is
1)First you ask the accountant of the firm / Company to
show the P & L a/c &
2)Ask him to provide the cash book & bank book.

Because all the expneses are recorded in P & L account & to
cross check whether it paid or not we must refer the cash
book or bank book. Because when there is expenses that
meanse payment is there so either we can pay by cash or pay
by bank / cheque.

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Answer / srikanth reddy

all expenses check must in cash book only

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Answer / karthik

First go to day book which contain all cash transaction and
cheque transaction. and take the bills file. correlate the
supporting documents with daybook

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Answer / cma sandip sharma

Every Expense shall be cross verified with Bills/Cash memo
or Whatever the name with payment voucher (Signing authority
must be verified) & Cash/Bank Book Following Payment Method.

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Answer / vishwas

All the expenses we can find day book from there we can
make three group

1. Cash Book
2. Bank Book
#. Journal Entry.

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Answer / binoy

First we should analyse the P&L a/c and vouch the expenses
with the correspondent voucher which will be also available
in cash & Bank book too

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Answer / durgaprasad

It can be examined through bank book & cash book

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Answer / ravi.harjai2009@gmail.com

The cash book is the main socuce for chacking the expense
which are payed durring the year and also that expense which
are not paid in previous year but paid in current year....
but some expense which are not chaecked by the cash book or
pass book of a orgnisation like eg.like outstanding expenses...
for chaecking the outstanding expense ....\
using the complience procedur or third party confermation,
it is more realiable to chaecking a outstanding expense......

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Answer / rahul khandelwal

through the company books of entries and confirming the
entry through voucher and cash&bank book

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