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why should i hire u?

Answers were Sorted based on User's Feedback

why should i hire u? ..

Answer / rehan

well sir! i understand however i believe i possess the best
of my communication skill which will help in the growth of u
r organization, and i also believe to become the best, so we
should work with the best.:)

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / durga mahesh

well,I don't know about others.without knowing about them i
can't critisise.But to the best of my belief if u could
provide me an opportunity i will prove my self which would
help our esteemed company to grow bigger

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / pramod

of course to get the job done....I belive in giving 100 %
effort in my job & be an asset to the team...I get along
with my team members well, so you won't find any work place
conflicts from my end

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / chittaranjan

To get maximum out of my knowledge and labour for the
betterment of ur kind organization and help me to grow with
confident towards building my career you should hire me.

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / princess

i think the qualities and profile u want,are getting matched with my profile.and i have that ability which u want and i will proof myself if u will hire me.Thank you very much but now it will be your choice.

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / vinay

bcoz im one of ur best emploies working here.

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / deepthi

I guess u want some one not only can but will do the job u
can depend on me for that. say this with confidence..

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / rohit singh

i am experience person .i know how to handle the call .i
want to grow in call center should hire me

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / san

my profile matches u r criteria,i am sitting right front of
u so u have to decide.

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / aaryan siddique

ther is scope of personal and intellectual development.what
else can be better for me im paid just for talking.Better i
talk good ill be paid

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