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how CLR identify vb file?

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Which of the following are Java modifiers?

0 Answers  

what is programmable BIST in today ic design

0 Answers   IIT,

hai i like to do some certifications in programming or any other......... am doing my IT third year......... pls guide me...... mail me ur suggestions to

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what is the difference between "types" and "data" in abap.

4 Answers   Tech Soft,

How can successful and thorough systems planning, analysis, and design be ruined by poor systems construction and implementation? How can poor systems analysis or design ruin a smooth construction and implementation? For both questions, list some consequences

1 Answers  

why we use mantis? what u mean mantis in IT trends? addvantages of mantis?

0 Answers   HCL, Sacred Heart College,

How many forms can you create in a Visual Basic 6 Standard EXE project? Is there any limit on that?

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Plz sent me in .net 2.0 interview Question & answers?

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What is the meaning of client-server application. The purpose of Client-Server Application. with description.

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What are two of your strengths that you will bring to our QA/testing team?

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Bonjour, svp je veut voir comment envoyer un mail en java et comment changer le droit d'accé d'un fichier en java: de lecture en lecture/écriture et merci d'avance ;)

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How to convert numeric value into words in c#????plz suggest me the coding of this question???

1 Answers   NIIT,