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How do i relate the checkbox properties with webelement
when checkbox properties are changing on every login to the

How do i relate the checkbox properties with webelement when checkbox properties are changing on e..

Answer / tvs ramakrishna chowdary

we can solve this by using regular expression and setto pro
perty method
1)by or
1)go to or
2)select webcheckbox object
3)goto object properties pane
4)select the name property
5)in the value portion click 'configure value' buttton
6)replace constant with *.*
7)selct check box Regular expression ON
8)click ok
9)close or
10)now u run ur script

2nd way
' by using setto property method we can change the property
value dynamically as follows...."linkname").getroproperty("name")"link name").setto
property "name","newval"

'here first we r getting dynamic changing link object
pro "name" by getro prop in to the variable...
'then we are make using that variable to set into or

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