what is taxation

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what is taxation..

Answer / k.sudhakarreddy

taxiation is one of the important source or revenur for the
govt.taxation means way collecting funds from the public
who are crossed the standard income which is mentioned by
the govt.taxiation is on income of the individual or
companies or firms.

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what is taxation..

Answer / trilok sharma

A tax is an involuntary fee - or, more
precisely, "unrequited payment" - paid by individuals or
businesses to a government (central or local). Taxes may be
paid in cash or kind (although payments in kind may not
always be allowed or classified as taxes in all systems).
The means of taxation, and the uses to which the funds
raised through taxation should be put, are a matter of hot
dispute between political parties and economic theorists,
so discussions of taxation are frequently tendentious.

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what is taxation..

Answer / asis

Tax is a compulsary payment to the goverment under any Law.

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what is taxation..

Answer / prasant m

all the taxable income or revenue eligible for tax.that is
nothing but a declaration before law that we have earned
this much with in this period and our business so and so
etc...., law for our safety not like it is forcefully
imposed on us. ultimately we are eligible to receive many
facilities by the govt,. or law if we are paying tax timely
and obeying rules under the Indian act.

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