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Ministry of Home Affairs

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What si the differance between REVENUE and PROFIT?

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what is formula for calculating stock market share

2 Answers   Siemens,

Calculate the profit/loss on sale of the following assets as on 30th september 2000 cost of the asset on 01.05.95 50000/- Salvage Value 5000/- Method of depriciation & date WDV 15% sales of asset on 30.09.2000 Rs 25000/-

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How Many kind of expenses or Income will come under direct expenses or Income ?

5 Answers   FedEx,

Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

13 Answers   Alfa Textiles, Ascon, ETA, GE, IBM, Mphasis, OPI Global, Star,


44 Answers   Capital IQ, CPT, ICICI,

Plz Tell Me the WHole knowlege Of Accounts,Wht Accounts Wht all taxes pzz Plz

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Why did you choose banking as your profession?

25 Answers   Axis Bank, HDFC, HNB, ICICI, Private, State Bank Of India SBI, Yes Bank,

fill in the Blanks Recognising revenues when goods sold on credit ________basis of accounting

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you have been asked to prepare a bill for services .what information should be included in the bill?

5 Answers   Banking,

what is the basic difference between cash flow and funds flow statement?

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example: thing that u have order 100 goods from the vendor, and he delivered only 80 goods,but he invoice u for 100 goods, then what will be u doing in this suitation?

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