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I am completed MBA finance & Mcom, I had 8 years experience
in accounts field. I am interested in software. can shift
my in software. whcih course i select

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I am completed MBA finance & Mcom, I had 8 years experience in accounts field. I am interested..

Answer / amit sharma

U can always train yourself in SAP(Finance Modules) or
Oracle Financials. Some companies now take people from
Finance background and get them trained internally. Satyam
and Wipro are the few such companies.

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I am completed MBA finance & Mcom, I had 8 years experience in accounts field. I am interested..

Answer / thimmappa_m

SAP (FI & CO), and Oracle Finance

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Liabilities: 2006 2007 Assets 2006 2007 Trade Creditiors 100 40 Cash atBank 100 65 Bills Payable 50 60 Account/R 105 120 Outstanding Expenses 25 20 B/R 130 140 Bonds Payable 220 140 Inventory 110 40 Accumulated Depreciation: Machinery 120 160 -on Machinery 30 35 Building 300 310 -On Building 75 85 Land 60 130 Reserves 100 115 Patents 55 60 Retained Earning 130 170 share Capital 250 360 Profit from operation after providing Rs.10,000as depreciation on building and Rs.10,000 on machinery and Rs.5,000 as amortization on patents for the year 'April 06- March07' was Rs.35,000. Other revenues for the year were Rs.40,000. An old machine with original cost of Rs.15,000 was sold at a loss of rs.5,000. Prepare Fund Flow Statment and Cash Flow Statment for the year ending March 31 2007 based on the information given above.

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