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define depreciation?

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define depreciation?..

Answer / guest

decrease in the value of assets is called depreciaton.

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define depreciation?..

Answer / mahesh

Every year there is a decrease in the movable is
calculated in three different methods like write down
value,straight line & declining balance

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define depreciation?..

Answer / s. vijaya kumar

Every asset having a some value at the time of purchase.
During the period after purchase, Decrease asset's value
either mony or worth, that is called unusable value. this
unsuable value or worth may be visible or unvisible. Its
called depriciation. this may be deduct many methods like
Straight Line method, Retrun Down Value Method, and so on.
for this method govt has fixed the particular parcentage

S. Vijaya Kumar M.Com

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define depreciation?..

Answer / praveen kumar


ANS:-Decrese the value of all assets witch is used by
company in certain time.

like machinary,tools etc.

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define depreciation?..

Answer / munikrishna

Decrease in the value of fixed assets.

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define depreciation?..

Answer / nemanna

Depreciation is percentage of reduction on movable assets
year to year.
Ex: Machinary,Furniture etc.

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define depreciation?..

Answer / maruthimuralidharan

The gradual and permanent decrease in the value of the assets is known as depreciation. it is the loss to the business.

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define depreciation?..

Answer / shiva

Differencing the value from its actual due to wear and tear
of asset in suing.

Shiva BVRM

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