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What is your role in planning?

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What steps would you take before approving an invoice for payment?

0 Answers  

i have 100 rupees. how i can divide in 21 note who is equal to 100 rupees??

4 Answers   Klash Private Limited,

Tell us what do you believe should be an important quality of an account executive?

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I have deducted tds on salary from pay slip for employees for this how to deposit govrt. department. is there any form to fillup, pls tell me the which form to be used.

2 Answers  

how to pass journal entry for credit card a/c in tally erp 9

3 Answers   Finance, Kotak,

Please explain about wages control account?

1 Answers  

how can we get a leaverage in intraday market if are not a professional acount holder?

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the client has running his business in a rental building and he built new room in same place with own money. can we use the expenses of new room in profit and loss a/c

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what is difference between budgeting and Forecasting

0 Answers   IHG,

what is payment written

0 Answers   Accenture,

deperication of manufacturing department in manufacturing overhead is a direct expence or indirect expence?explain with reason

1 Answers  

Tell me which accounting application you prefer most and why?

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