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I know the Basic QTP. But I wanted to learn descriptive
programming in QTP. Without Object Repository how we can
develop a script?
I wanted to do one real time project using QTP. If you know
this type of training is available in pune then let me know
the address.

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how we connect oracle or sql data server database to qtp.

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What is the XML file architecture ?

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I am using environment variable xml to give credenatials for login into unix. Is there any way we cam mask the password in the xml?

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What is the dis advantage of check points in QTP, if any?

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What is the difference between systemUtil and invoke method..?

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When it be decided to go for either Per - Action or Shared?

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Greetings friends , Hope all of you are doing well. When I run a test, is it possible for me to for me to take each row from the data table , once at a time. In other words,if i have 10 rows in the global data table, say data1,data2, data 3...and so on up to data10. Can I have the value of data1 when I run a test, and next time when I run the same test (say next day), it should skip data1 as it has already used it and go directly to data 2 ??? Would be great if anybody can help me out know in this issue. Thanks & Regards !!

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How do I lauch my test website using code from qtp in different environmet, uat and PPTE?

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What is the difference between client server application and web based application?

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How you automate testscripts one by one or moduelwise or all at once

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how interviews will be on QTP?

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Hi Guys, I tried to install java add-in for QTP 9.5 after the whole installation but it didn't install but then i also found in documentation saying that winrunner7.6 patch for java plugin would work fine with QTP. But when i tried to install from winrunner7.6 it asks me for the path of winrunner So my question is are we supposed to install winrunner for java add in to work on QTP. Please suggest me

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