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Why V model is callds as V model? And at which stage v & V

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Why V model is callds as V model? And at which stage v & V happens?..

Answer / p

In V model both testing and development activites happens
parallely and at the end both joins at implementation
phase. At each stage of V model V&V happens.

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Why V model is callds as V model? And at which stage v & V happens?..

Answer / patra

V model is known as Verification & Validation.
Verification is Development, Validation is the Testing.

In Left side Veification and right side Testing(
Validation) activity.

PRS-.> FRS-> HLD-> LLD-> Development( Verfication side)
UAT-> Functional testing-> Integration testing-> Sub system
testing-> Unit testing.( Validation )

For each stage parllel doing the development and Testing

Dis advantage: Last momoentum requrement change, id
degrades the quality of software.

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