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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What are mutual funds and what are the best funds to buy at this time. Why??

Bank Of America, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait,

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What is treasury?


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am about to enroll for Oracle Apps Financial with Iapps in pune, (without the certification of Oracle, as it is very expensive). Looking for a suggestion on the same, Also, how far is this course wld be beneficial to a candidate of commerce background (BBA graduate and an MBA in Finance) Also, the opportunities lying ahead int his field. Thanks

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I want to get details about "FUNDS MANAGEMENT IN BANKS" FOR MY T.Y (B&I) PROJECT

Chinai College, Standard Chartered, TCS,

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Sensex points either increased or decreased,How stock exchanges calculating those points?


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please send aptitude 10 year question paper of wipro &tcs



difference between shares and mutualfunds?

Capital IQ,

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how we calculate the turn over of abank?



what are the various methods to curb inflation

Oriental Bank Of Commerce,

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what is BASEL accord and what are BASEL II norms

Indian Overseas Bank,

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Dear all, Let me introduce myself first. Myself is Meera. I have done B.Com and after that i have completed PGDBM(Finance) in 2007 after that i was with ICICI Bank Ltd. I left that job and as of now i didn't get job due to the mobility problem as i want job in gandhidham. Moreover i want to do some courses of Stastics. So if anyone have knowledge regarding short-term stastics courses plz let me inform abt that and if there a job for PGDBM (Finance) then also plz guide me .

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Why the company prefering prefence capitalrather than debenture capital?


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how does rupee strengthen when the Reserve Bank of India sells dollars in the market???? please i need an answer

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what is meant by SBA ( savings bank account) & FD (fixed deposit)?

Karnataka Bank,

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what are the first 30 companies in bse and what r the first 50 companies in nse

Capital IQ, College School Exams Tests, Honeywell, ITC Infotech, Syndicate Bank, Tata Steel Limited,

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What do you know about E- commerce?


How will you define the mixed economy?


What do you understand by overdraft?


What Is Overdraft Protection?


Under which act were the state bank of india and its subsidiaries nationalised?


What is consumer banking?


What is HTM & AFS?


When purchasing a stock what charges are payable?


How do you calculate the rate of return on a stock?


What are the first 30 companies in BSE and what are the first 50 companies in NSE


What do you know about consolidation fund of India?


Tell about Foreign Exchange Reserve?


What is 'corporation tax'?


What is the educational qualification required for the entrance exam?


realationship bewteen bank& customer.