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Karnataka Bank Interview Questions
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Joint sittings of the two Houses of Parliament are presided over by the (a) President of India (b) Speaker of Lok Sabha (c) Chairmanof Rajya Sabha (d) An MP, specially nominated by the President

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The words ?Satyameva Jayate? in the State Emblem of India were taken from (a) Upanishads (b) Samaveda (c) Rigveda (d) Ramayana

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what are nationalised banks?

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plz give me last 10 yrs questions for face the exam held on 6 july on my email address.

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what is meant by SBA ( savings bank account) & FD (fixed deposit)?

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Dear all, pls help me pass the SBI clerk interview. I hv passed the written test. I need ur help very badly and urgently....pls mail me at


hai iam suri seleceted for karnataka bank ,if anybody knows the interview questions pls send me i have an interview on 5 december

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hai iam suri if anybody attended the clerks interview before 5th december pls inform me the type of questions they r asking.thanku...


can any one help me in knowing the paper pattern of karnataka bank exam? i hav my exam on 4th of jan.i want to know what all they r goin to ask like english, aptitude,general knowledge?please help me


Hi I M Sonal Tiwari. I m short listed for Karnatka bank Po interview. Can anybody share ur experiences regarding Bank interview of karnatka bank which was held on dec for clerical post. Please help me I f u can. thanx in advance

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doubt about character certificate..does the gazetted officer hav this cetificate (form) with that he can fill in with our name n sign on it??? or shud we get it typed or wat??

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how to calculate cement bag in RCC

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how to prepare for karnataka bank po exam? what'll be the topics in the exam?

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hi..... my name is Rekha... i taken karantaka bank clerk and officer exam..... if any know the pattern and details please send me in my id..... if u have question paper please send...... my id


what are our products and services offered? tell me your plans and strategy as a marketing officer?


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