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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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hello,I'm pursuing 2nd yr...i want to do 'MBA' but little bit confused as what to choose from 'finance' or 'marketing'?? and also that is anyone can do "cs" who has commerce background?? please reply me soon.......


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Differences between Debentures and preference share capital?

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Hi i am a mba student with a background of commerce/finance. my questions is the course of SAP will be use for my future, and any other course lime that tell me plzzzzz

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What are your salary expectations?

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how to explain an excellent self introduction or about u r self?

HDFC, IBM, RBS, Religare, Sail,


What is the origin of GDR?


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what is the working of GDR?

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Can you suggest me some good reference books on ADR/GDR/IDR which covers history, objectives, problems, theory and workings of GDR.


- Stock market are known for there volatility but ever wondered what makes share market volatile and what causes stock price to change? Stock market works on demand and supply model. This article covers price changing pattern of share market


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I have done my Summer internship project on Option greek (delta,gamma ,vega ,theta and rho)by using black schole calculator plus i have done calculation on VIX so what type of question can be asked to me by interviewer plzzzzzzzzzz do answer me i need help.........


Hi, I did MBA Finance in 2007 but i am from science back ground. And for the past 3 yrs i worked as im Admin and as a IT recruiter. Could any tell me what are the questions generally asked for MBA Finance position? i am looking to pursue a career in Finance

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how to make a best portflio and its compartive each other and why chosen the different different portfoili. explain with examples?


hi iam mba(finance) 2008 passout. i worked as a process associate in a sintel. iam select job through consultancy. last month i left the job due to my personal problem. now iam searching job in another place. how iam explaing in interview why r you left the job,why r you looking job after one half year. pls suggest me

Deutsche Bank,

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Consider the following data for a particular period: Portfolio (P) market (M) ---------------------------------------------------- ----- Average return 35 % 28 % Beta 1.2 1.0 Standard deviation 4.2 % 30 % Non-systematic risk 18 % ---- Calculate the following performance measures for portfolio (P) and the market (M) by using Sharpe, Jensen and Treynor methods. The T-bill rate during the period was 6 % by which measures did portfolio P outperform the market $

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Discuss your career progression.



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Compare convertible & non-convertible debentures.


What is the role of technology in banking sector?


What is earning per share? What does it show?


why should be must tin no for business


What is a lease agreement?


Differentiate between Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting?


What are NPA, how can you use technical knowledge in correcting the balance sheet?


What do you know about the manufacturing sector?


Types of accounts Banks?


What is a deferred tax asset?what is bank? What are the types of banks?


What do you know about E- commerce?


compare cumulative & non-cumulative shares


What will your work strategy in handling the recent changes in the banking sector?


How is my education and work experience benefit NABARD?


What is retail banking?