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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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Within the limits of your experience to-date, what has given you the greatest sense of accomplishment and why?

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What are the values and beliefs guided your life so far and how do you see them influencing your future?

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What do you think are your personal strengths and what are the areas where you need to improve as an individual?

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What are your short-term and long-term career objectives?

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Outline briefly, your reasons for applying to our Organisation.

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Purpose of research

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tell me about yourself?

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what is your greatest strengths ans weaknesses points?


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what is relationship between concept, hypothesis and theory?


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how i should sell one mobile phone when interviewer will ask sell this phone to me

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Hi, I am working for an MNC as an marketing and sales specialist.Not very much satified with my work nature and my interest towards SAP I want to do SAP-SD.I am working for almost an year and want to shift towards SAP.Can anyone tell me how good it would be to shift and how are the job opputunities for SAP freshers like me.


what is cavitation ?


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What is your strenghts and weakness points?

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why you are looking to change your job?

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tell me yourself ? if i have 5 years sales and marketing?

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Un-Answered Questions { Marketing Sales }

The word target holds an important meaning in the career of a person who has opted for a sales and marketing job. What is your opinion?


What is Market Measurement and Forecasting...?


what is the most important part of men only


What steps you take to ensure that the work you delegate is successful?


On what basis does the negotiation about a product takes place?


What makes you different from any other salesman?


Why did you choose marketing as a profession?


What is the tool used for measuring the competition between different firms?


What are the steps to be taken to bring consistency in customer services?


u r now executive tomorrow ur going to become frontline manager 5 sub-ordinates under u. two of them are ur friends and three of them r seniors to u. how u will handle them?


Pl list NIFTY TOP 10 shares


How do you rate your expertise in retail field?


How would you react to a situation when a particular strategy incurred huge expenditure but is failing or taking huge time to deliver the results?


What is the purpose of room sales forecasting?


what are the different topics cvered in marketing paper