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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is meant by IGBT how they differ from tyristor ?


in parallel operation of power transformer why the distance between power transformer and capacitor bank feeder is necessary to know


what is earth pit , how we can measured it, what earth rods reference



what is the relation between knowing of the distance between power transformer and the capacitor feeder in case of parallel operation


in 6.6 kv vaccum circuit breaker vaccum bottole vaccum capacity ????

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with out colour codeing on conductor how can be find what is r,what is b,what is y phases.....

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magnetizer priciple


how we done power management?

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The Q-facr o of a coil given as wL/R. what will be shape of Q versus frequency graph.



what is the use of reactive power

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What is Residual Voltage & Residual Current?

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arrange to send solved question and answer its easy to study and understand the thing, because of Exam is to be conducted shortly

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kindly arrange to send me RRB Bangalore previous question paper for JE/Electrical and JE/Signal I am going to write exam on 2010

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what are the types of towers in HT transmission

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Two alternators say 1 & 2 are poised to parallel operation. But at the time of paralleing alternator 2 gets out of the system by tripping Earth fault relay. Please send me reply why this is happening?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Can double compression glands be used with regular cables?


What will be the effect of circulating current in HT xlpe cable when both the armour ends are grounded. Will the termination fils after some time in case of 33 kv supply.


How the PF control while running DG set with load


what is lrs tank water resistance.


I want to make street light with solar system ... What may I do for procedure and how much of estimation for each material ... If any one knows guide me and inform this id :


Parts of machine and their discription in details with suitable photo


Graphs of measuring power and speed on dc motor


i am completed in B.E(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) with 8 months experience in Quality Control Engineer at Bharathi Industries,Coimbatore.


What is the tipical Online UPS input voltage for 20 KVA load ( 3 Phase or 1 Phase )? Why ? Explain it...?


Why are cables rated for 40 KA for 0.25 Sec fault current rating?


If ROC does not lies inside unit circle,then ? a) Fourier transform converges b) Z transform converges c) Hatly transform converges d) Colpit Transform converges.


What is the Resposiblity of Electrical Utility Engineer


how to calculate the mesh earth network resistance in such substation, is there any recommended resistance values with references , thanks!


difference between semiconductor & conductor & insulator?


what transformer we used normally and upto which kva?