Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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i) in which cases should we go for neutral and where should we go for ground? ii) in domestic supply we are getting 230v a.c.and what is the amount of current?

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what is relation between voltage and current and don't take resistance here. if we supose say when there is increase in voltage whwt happens to current?is it decrease or increase?

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should Dy11 and Dy1 group can be operated in parallel??????

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How to Calculate Stc Rating of an indoor type VCB Panel? What is a full form of STC?


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How do you compute voltage drop and cable size over distance?


How does one convert an AC motor into a generator?

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why do star-delta connection ? why do not connect any circuit direct connection ?

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tell me any book for current n potential trasformer with full knowledge ?

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What are the types of windings present in the ceiling fan? What winding will be effective first when we started the fan?What are the resistance and inductance ratios comparatively at the initial speed and full speed of the fan?



c++ write a program to use a fuction call "max"which accepts an intger arrey of size5.as an arrument and return the larger and smallest of the arrey to main without changing. the original changing of the original position of the element of the arrey.


what will be happen if earth point is being used for as a neutral point for raw power , and same will be used for ups earthing


what is LT & HT?

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what is difference between ELCB, RCBO & MCB

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in what type of applications v can use q meter?


in our transmisison sub station why we step down firstly 132kv\33kv then 33kv to 11kv. can we direct step down 132kv to 11kv.

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Why the power generated in dams is complex power? Why the generators in dams cannot produce Real power directly (i.e power which has zero reactive part)?


After taking shutdown of 11kv feeder, if you see 5kv by phasing stick in the cable side, is it possible to close earth switch in cable.


What are the conditions for sustained oscillator or what is backhouse criterion?


Cables Construction hi friends, 0.6/1/1.2 kV LV , DC and Control cables are concentric copper conductor what does its means and what is the use of concentric copper conductor,and are this with copper tape shield or copper screening, ? thanks


what is ramping rate of generator


why we need to us lenz's law for synchornous motor


What about electrical Units. discrive in detail


how to decide choke rating for drive?


Is a contactor (or master relay) required between incoming lines and a VFD? The question goes to safety. If a contactor were used before the VFD and an e-stop engaged then the motor will coast to a stop (i.e. VFD loses power) instead of stopping much faster if the VFD braking fucntion were used. It would make more sense to keep power on the VFD.


what will happen if multimeter(selector switch at DC voltage) and terminal at current is connected to DC supply?


Sir, plz tell me how droop setting is done in parellel operation od DG set ? please give practical example ?


What is earth?


We have two APFC panels in same station. I need how to connect CT in two APFC panels.can we take one CT in series connection or two separate CTs.


wat is meant by PX class in ct?


Write down the brushes of a de machine.