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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to model two generators into a single generator ? Eg. two generators connected to a bus, would like to model it as a single generator connected to a bus.


how is efficincy of the transformer is predermined

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what is multiplying factor of a energy meter connected with a CT ratio of 600/5 and voltage at 415 volts.

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i need to connect fact device(any one from following upsc,sssc,svc,statcom and tcsc)in 14 bus using MATLAB psat software....if i connect these fact devices,i will get some error as "virtual error"...i cnt rectify this error.if anybody know that how to work in psat,pls help me to rectify this error.... or send mail me to,

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how to prepare the technical test



for a 132/33kv transformer secondary is star and is connected to NER. and from secondary a cable is running to 33kv swbd. since the cable is single core do i have to run neutral cable also to 33kv swbd.???


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how do u gauge the size of the cable ?for eg. consider a 300 sqmm L.T Cable.How do u determine the size of the cable seeing it pratically?

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What will be the effect of circulating current in HT xlpe cable when both the armour ends are grounded. Will the termination fils after some time in case of 33 kv supply.


Explain the operation principle, advantages and disadvantages of the following converters: a) A 12 pulse converter b) A Switch-mode inverter c) A thyristor inverter


The principle of switching circuits for different types of batteries in application of storage systems


Why it is possible to use PWM with a STATCOM and not with a conventional TCR based SVC


How to improve fuel cell in a distribution system?


which one cable has a more resistance.A big or small

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what is the use of the puls transformer in UPS & how it works???????????


What is the use of IGBT in UPS & its working??????????


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how we calculate the withstansing current capacity of wires&cables?


If we want to change a contactor of faulty one what are the conditions want to fullfil


what happen as when voltage drop(or may decrease) ? in case of atomic base theory?


to vary valtage from 0 - max a variac is necessary . so how to design for high power applications nearly about 200KW power


Classify milling machines.


i am completed my degree(B.E EEE) 2014 anychance to get electrical licence plz help me


dc supply given to dc generator is possible? my knowledge is saying the winding will burn. please reply.


What is the operating principle of turbo-generator.


State uses of different types of stsrters with different capacities of motors as below: a. up to 5HP b. above 5hp to 10hp c. above 10hp to 20hp d. above 20hp


for opening electrical shop, tips needed.


hi frnds can any one help me ? plz send me placement paper of IOCL of Electrical streem .... plz send ....its urgent....


what happen if field of dc shunt motor opens? what is function of putting res. in parallel to one phase of 3 phase IM? the power supplied by 5A source in circuit is given by------Watt.


What are the types of instrument transformer?


wish of these transformer uses oil?


How does a battary stores charge in it? please explain in simple manner and in detail.thanks