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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is dielectric heating

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what is relay

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what is balanced beam relay

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what is induction relay

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in 1-phase 230v,how in 3-phase 440v. in each phase in between 230v.


can I connect step down transformer(25KvA,240V Phase to phase)to output of online UPS(15KvA,440V PHASE TO PHASE) Load connect to TRANSFORMER is 13KvA,240V PHASE TO PHASE. please brief if it is wrong


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What will the effect on a motor designed at 60 HZ, and operated on 50 HZ ??

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in 132kv substation CRT means


What the purpose of transient fault recoredr in substation


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There are Two questions about Steam Turbine Generator... What is HRSG bypass of LP, HP used for in power generation? In particualar, in the event that fault of HP bypass, there would be STG TRIP in operation but none on the LP bypass fault...what's the reason ?


how calculate external illumintion in a compound area. for e.g. there is one open park having 600m2 area and i have to put 40w flouresent tube fitting with pole. how shall i calculate the numbers of fitting.

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How will you explain transformer action in case of 3-phase induction motor?

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what is first pole to clear factor

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Brief working principle of fluorcent tubelight,function of starter & choke.


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why field winding is placed on rotor winding not on stator winding in case of synchronous machine?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

How do u analyse protection fault when vcb tripping on load


for what voltage will reactive power be largest in 380 kv line : a) 375kv b)380kv c)385kv


How to calculate the copper in HT motors if KW, RPM & Voltage is given


which type of stability limit is higher,steady state or transient? why?


whats the differece between Exd and Exe


what is the Earth Voltages in Power Plants, Sub-stations, Industries, Residential & Commercial Buildings.


What is meant by earthhing of a magnetic flow meter and when to use empty pipe detection?


Practical condition in 400KV Sub station:- Breaker(open) , isolator(open), Earthing (close) at both end e.g A & B. Now Open A Stn Earthing than Open B stn Earthing (Which have a 50MVA reactor) , AND suddenly show R,Y,B phase 704KV,573KV,118KV respectively. Que is without closing of breaker how it is possible.???? My Whats app No:07621840498 for Further Discussion. Pls experts suggest.


the typical output of a solar cell is........


What fomula is used to calculate: 1. rated frequency withstand voltage, and 2. rated lightning impulse withstand voltage.


What are the classifications of heating element?


what size steel armoured cable is required to support 1500kva capacity. would 70mm squared be enough or would I need 90 or 120mm squared 3c plus earth


how can you calculate fault level ?


What are test values for an 63 KVA and 100 Kva Distribution Transformers for the following typical tests 1)Magnetic balance 2)Short circuit test 3)Open Circuit test 4)Vector group confirmation test .please give me the standard values for all the above tests.


What is NGR . What is the purpose of 10 sec ,60 sec rating of NGR.