Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Can we use both Electrical & mechanical interlock between tow breakers? if yes how, please explain


Can Anyone suggest the Standards (IEC or IS) for selecting copper current density?


our plant maximum demand has 500 kva.need to suggest me to maintained pf 0.98.how much capacitor bank will be connect to the supply line.

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How to calculate or formula to calculate rhe power in 2 phase system ??


The knee point of a current transformer is normally unique and known.So why in the nameplate of a CT they put the minimum value like this Vk> 400v.


What is the function of the generator exciter?


what is current overloading in stack


Railway Basic electrical engg technical question with answer

Indian Railways,

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What is the minimum distance to be maintained in between HT panel and LT panel and Instrument panel as per IEC and NEC standards?


Can we use 230VAC, 63A MCB for 120VAC, 63A supplied heaters load?


Application of statically induced emf


Why we make earth connection with Transformer Body and What will be the minimum size of copper wire as per code with respect to KVA rating of Transformer?


What is formula of capacitor for 1-phase power connection.how to improve PF. Suppose I want to connect capacitor in refrigerator to reduce power consumptions.


What are the no-load losses for the 11000/415V transformer with the following rated capacity? 1.1500 kVA 2. 2000 kVA 3. 2500 kVA 4. 3000 kVA


when ID fan will immediately stop through VFD what exactly cause and problem the ID fan


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it is in our knowledge tht right plug of supply of residential suppy system is phase n other is neutral...howevr the battery charger of mobile works in both ways...i mean it is not restricted in only one direction.ny of the holder of charger can hav phase .so y is it not lik tht phase of supply must b connected 2 phase of charger...?


We have a couple of oil tanks at our plant. One of them does not have a lightning arrester installed. My question is it necessary to install an arrestor on every tank or will this particular one be covered by the arrestor installed on the ajdacent tank, Since all the tanks are close to each other. Basically, I want to know that if these arrestors or protection works in a parituclar area of effect or influence. Thanks


Is there any Electrical supervisor license which gives permit to work whole India rather than individual state??


Pls Breifly explain about UPS (Inverter,Reserve,Rectifier,Float voltage,Boost voltage).


Why using synchronising methed in DG's sets?


what are the things that can cause a three phase motor to crawl?


is there any lightning by passer is arranged in ship like buildings?


What is Percentage impedence of a transformer? why it is expressed at a percentage? what is the importance of percentage impedence in case of a transformer?


can anyone explain 11kV 3core cable megger,hi pot test procedure with connection details?


how we can calculate the efficiency of a diesel generator ?


what is photo voltic cell,& what are the materials associated with that?and any spcifications like volts/cm etc?


i have gear oil pump with single phase motor.some time its motor starts running in reverse direction rather than forward direction...whats the reason behind this issue. 1- either capacitor is week? 2- or winding is week?


ow can i get certificate of competency as electrical supervisor and my diploma in electrical engineering from jalgaon.


how does the thyistor work in dc drive?


what is the criteria for selecting fuse rating in 1phase, 2phase & 3phase welding sets?