Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is mechanical advantage


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specific gravity of water


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what is the use of choper motor in pyrometer ?


how works optical pyrometer ?

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what is the diffrence between a shaper machine and aplanner machine


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i want to know the difference between proportional hydraulic valve & servo hydraulic valve


what is hardness range of IS 2062 grade casting?

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Why under frequency protection is needed for a generetor?

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What are the protections required to protect turbine?

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What is G U T protection?


what is differance between 6-sigma and 3-sigma.

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Steam boiler HP steam pressure constant, but when steam consumption increase boiler drum pressure increase, Please give me a better idea, how I can enplane over all relation pressure,flow & velocity> Thank you. ashekullah

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In a boiler Natural gas flow 10,000 N cubic meter and combustion air flow 22,000 cubic meter, how I convert gas flow N cubic meter to cubic meter to maintain fuel air ratio? Thank you. ashekullah

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what is cryodgenics and what are its fundamentals?

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what's the difference between plummer block bearing and the bushed bearing and where it is used

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what is the relation between pressure&veloscity? give me one practical example?


what is the reson in a/c system that TPN TRIPPING


please briefly explain the Discharge process and Formula of Centrifugal Pump


) Shall be responsible for the inspection/ maintenance of all the yard Assets as per the Maintenance procedure and maintain/update the related records correctly


When repacking a valve the rings of packing should be oriented so that the packing ends are installed ____________.


Give the procedures in starting centrifugal pumps.


sir, can you give me full idea for computational fluid dynamices and how can work in CFD


What causes a hydraulic cylinder to skip?


What causes diesel engine to automatically stop?


efficiency of diesel generator set:kwh x 3410 x 100/ fuel in ltrs x 0.87 x 2.2 x 19000. is it correct formula


Sir/Mam, I have applied for RRB chennai for the section engineer - mechanical posting. If any one is having the old written exam question papers please send it to my mail id : Thanks in advance, Ramanathan...


Is IS 2062 different from ASTM A 36 or both are almost same


alignment formulae for any two shafts for shim correction


What is the mathed of maintain oxizen level in a air tite A/c room.


where the compressor is placed in the automobile?