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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is mechanical advantage


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specific gravity of water


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what is the use of choper motor in pyrometer ?


how works optical pyrometer ?

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what is the diffrence between a shaper machine and aplanner machine


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i want to know the difference between proportional hydraulic valve & servo hydraulic valve


what is hardness range of IS 2062 grade casting?

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Why under frequency protection is needed for a generetor?

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What are the protections required to protect turbine?

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What is G U T protection?


what is differance between 6-sigma and 3-sigma.

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Steam boiler HP steam pressure constant, but when steam consumption increase boiler drum pressure increase, Please give me a better idea, how I can enplane over all relation pressure,flow & velocity> Thank you. ashekullah

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In a boiler Natural gas flow 10,000 N cubic meter and combustion air flow 22,000 cubic meter, how I convert gas flow N cubic meter to cubic meter to maintain fuel air ratio? Thank you. ashekullah

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what is cryodgenics and what are its fundamentals?

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what's the difference between plummer block bearing and the bushed bearing and where it is used

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Un-Answered Questions { Mechanical Engineering }

How do you detect earth by lam p?


I'm a first year student of B.E Mechanical Engineering... How should i prepare myself for getting selected in campus interviews from now itself...? What books should i refer....?


Pl. brief me about geometrical test & positional accuracy of machine tool.


Why an increase in area is required to produce an increase of velocity in case of supersonic flow ?


What causes cylinder liner-wear down?


Why do the radiators in your house click when you start the heating system?


What is difference between conjugate beam and continuous beam ?


What is general pressure ratio for axial, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors?


which tests are performed in central air conditioning


If we heat the rod what will happen,draw stress & strain curve before after heating ?


bel question


Why is thick steel wire stronger than thin steel wire?


what is cathodic protection? where it is used and when? and why?


Inspection for intermediate shaft bearing.


please send the last 5 years {{{JUNIOR ENGINEER GRADE II - MECHANICAL RRB CHENNAI}}} TECHNICAL question papers