Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is mechanical advantage


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specific gravity of water


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what is the use of choper motor in pyrometer ?


how works optical pyrometer ?

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what is the diffrence between a shaper machine and aplanner machine


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i want to know the difference between proportional hydraulic valve & servo hydraulic valve


what is hardness range of IS 2062 grade casting?

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Why under frequency protection is needed for a generetor?

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What are the protections required to protect turbine?

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What is G U T protection?


what is differance between 6-sigma and 3-sigma.

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Steam boiler HP steam pressure constant, but when steam consumption increase boiler drum pressure increase, Please give me a better idea, how I can enplane over all relation pressure,flow & velocity> Thank you. ashekullah

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In a boiler Natural gas flow 10,000 N cubic meter and combustion air flow 22,000 cubic meter, how I convert gas flow N cubic meter to cubic meter to maintain fuel air ratio? Thank you. ashekullah

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what is cryodgenics and what are its fundamentals?

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what's the difference between plummer block bearing and the bushed bearing and where it is used

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What is the steam consumption formula?


What are to be checked in an induction motor?


Explain how the lubricating oil circulates in a diesel engine.


Explain the difference between ferrite, austenite and graphite ?


What's the difference between absolute vibration & relevant vibration regarding Boiler Feedwater Pump ?


Enumerate or identify the parts of purifier bowl assembly


Find the greatest and smallest number among the given 5 numbers without using ‘>’ or ‘<’ operators


workingh principle of valve timing chart for cummins engine


Which pump is more efficient centrifugal pump or reciprocating pump?


what is the difference between type -a and type -b iron > The chemical compostion is given here under and also guide us the effect of Ni;Cr;Mo in the iron; name and use of these two types of iron Type a Type b %C :3.15 2.65 %Mn:0.41 0.52 %Si:1.72 1.60 %S :0.090 0.082 %P: 0.215 0.204 %Ni: 0.40 Traces %Cr : 0.49 Traces %Mo : Traces Traces


What is the pressure of fuel oil on main engine and diesel generator?


distinguish the knock phenomena of ci and si engine?


What is the difference between P11 & P22 pipes?


Will going from a 3 tap to a 6 tap increase water pressure?


What is the materials of jib and cotter joints?