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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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explain mechanical flyball


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sir most regardly i want previous papers of your company for my preparation of my written exam


I need the complete syllabus and model Question paper for Written exam of JINDAL STEEL AND POWER LTD.,for MECHNAICAL ENGINEERING branch

Jindal, TAL Manufacturing Solutions,


Which two continents are mirror images of each other?


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efficiency of diesel generator set:kwh x 3410 x 100/ fuel in ltrs x 0.87 x 2.2 x 19000. is it correct formula


what is critical speed of a turbine

Nahar, Welspun,

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sir can u plz send me Jindal Steel's mechanical engg. paper and the aptitude paper of previous year....i wud be very thankful to u.... my email id..-



What is mean by reconditioning & retrofitting of machine tool please brief.


what is de brogle eqation

DMRC, Yamaha,

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Do u know epicyclic gear box?What are the pratical application of epicyclic gear box?

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twist drill angle


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dear sir i m anshul kumar from dehradun i want to last five year railway chandigarh and allahabd entrance exam papers pls send it on my id my id is or i shall be very greatful to u thank u


dear sir i want also last five year rrb chandigarh and allahabad aptitude test question and their answered my id is


Which pipe is better, ERW or Seamless, when we talk of impact force upto 2700N ?

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While selecting a diameter of 1 inch which pipe is better, ERW or Seamless ?? OR Out of ERW and Seamless which one gives good results for an impact force of 2700 N??

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Un-Answered Questions { Mechanical Engineering }

How does a modern submarine move?


What are the things to do when approaching the port?


what should be sensor sensitivity of accelerometer in vibration? And what is the main difference between accelerometer and proximity sensors and others?


What is wet corrosion?


we use parallel flow heat exchanger to coo oil of 1000 EP viscosity,oftenly tubes may damage during cleaning etc what is proper way to clean cooler? How impurities decreased or vanished during working or in less teme job performed?


sir,iam member to your gk books for one year plan,i have recived every months.i request you i want techical questions pls send as soon as possible


What do you mean by the term thread size?


What can be reasons for a metal gas-kit to leak?


Name the device which converts sound energy into mechanical energy?


What is "H7014C/HQ1P4 BEARING" means ???


Which questions will be asked for mechanical design Engineer position in GE?? plz give me reply it's urgent...


what are the activities to be done after a steam turbine trips?


What are thermal neutrons ?


How i injecter setting qsk series cummins engine and i can using click type torqurench or dial gauge type


if any one who attended the caterpillar interview please send me the sample questions and the areas from which questions are being asked...