Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What type of Voltage should be in the Resistance Welding. Should it be High or Low & Why?

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Hi. I am in High School. I have a very important assignment from school requiring me to interview a mechanical engineer. But I have no idea where to find one. If you are a mechanical engineer, please fill out the questions below. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd help me out. Thank You. 1. What got you interested in mechanical engineering? 2. Where do you work? Exactly what is your job? 3. What did you need to study to become an expert engineer? 4. Is there a high demand for mechanical engineers right now? 5. What is your salary? 6. What are some of the main projects that you have worked on in the past? 7. What schools did you attend? 8. How would you describe mechanical engineering? (the definition of mechanical engineering?) 9. How long have you been in the engineering field? 10. From a scale of 1 through 10, 10 being the most, how much do you enjoy your job and why? 11. What do you like most about your job? What do you like least about your job? 12. Was it hard to find a job once out of college? 13. What advice would you give a student planning on entering this career? 14. What is the most important, or helpful, project that you have contributed to? 15. What is your name and email for further contact and as a resource? Please help me out if you can. I will really appreciate it. Thank You Very Much!


why so dangerous charging compressed gas in to oil compressor

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i want to know about Chandigarh railway application form which filled in jan 2009, its exam has done or not ? Plz tell me anybody on my mail address

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what is basic difference between impulse turbine and reaction turvine

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what is the meaning of 10.00x20 16PR written on tyre?

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How the speedo meter ratio was decided for vehicle?

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why valves not used in two stroke engines?

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how gearbox ratio was calculated?


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hi i now in final year mechanical engg. i want to know is the one yaer pre-sea training course is good for getting a job in marine engg. field? what is the fee? where should i complete this course

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In running DG 2000 hrs, what are the maintenance work we will do.

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why involute curve corve used in gear

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what is the use of vacuum balancing valve in CEP

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Can we use pure oxygen in IC engines instead of air?? what would be the advantages and disadvantages of using it?? Have any steps been taken about this??

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i want to know the difference between proportional hydraulic valve & servo hydraulic valve


An elastomer is a polymer when its percentage elongation rate is ?


I am a mechanical student.And have cleared the written for NTPC. Please suggest what and how to prepare for the interview.i have got only 2-3 weeks in hand.


Explain difference between fissile and fertile materials?


What is the indication of leaking starting valve of an engine?


Define weber number and its significance?


what is Retainer?


What is wet corrosion and galvanic corrosion?


please send me rrb question papers of SE MECHANICAL


ball pen is writtingg on paper


what is the difference between impact force and sudden force? pls give any example.


What is heavy water and what is its use in nuclear plants ?


what is the difference between En19 and En24


Explain what does 0.125 inch stand for in 0.125 inch npt thread?


3x3x2.5 m room temperature increases by 20 deg cel in 24 hours by a lamp of 100 w. then tell the temperature of the filament