Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the basis of selection of type of pump (Centrifugal, Vertical Turbine)

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Carnot cycle

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Which bearings are used in the reciprocating compressor?

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Give an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery. How did you go about it?

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what is difference between standards and codes explain with examples?


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If mft not act when spark failure 3 time what problem will happen in boiler side


what is the need of rectifire

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Why do not use flywheel in petrol engine

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boiler fusible plug melt down, normally melt down due less water or feed pump failure, but is there any possibility of fusible plug melt down due to high temperature in firing zone and at that time water level is perfect at it's level.

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How many load in 15 kva DG set?

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what is bms system and how to work it


how can I calculate daya of pump


How can i Check at site this material is Powder coated CRCA ?

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Can contractor purchase as cst purcbase who is registerd under wct act in mp

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Deisel engine is designed to generate 10 MW at 50 deg c, can we expect more power from it at 30 deg c.


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How to find the amount of natural gas required to produce 1kwhr of energy?


How to operate soot blower boiler and economizer?


What causes cylinder liner-wear down?


tell me about a time when u had too many things to do and u were required opinion prioritized your talks


Difference between turbocharging and supercharging in diesel engines?


From where compressor recive power in automobile?


Please tell about the water type h.v.a.c with it's cycle and functions of each parts ?show me how talented u r?


What are the causes of emergency stop in a steam engine?


how many work softner filter ,multy media filter ,cartage filter , in r o system


Causes of F.O. Purifier abnormal flow?


tell me about a type when you had to use your presentation skill to influence some ones opinion


what are the essential things for the power plant


Sir, In the current session I am attending the Junior Engineer Exam in Grade II for Mechanical Engineering. If it possible. Please sent the Past Exams Question on my mail. It is so useful use to me.


What are the disadvantages of axial flow (piston type) automatic control valve compared to the conventional types (globe or diaphragm) If you are a designer/specifier, do you accept this type of valve for using in building's piping systems ?


I'm a Mechanical Engineer (2007 passed out) 77% distinction degree holder from anna university chennai, tamilnadu. presently working in a software company, i'm interested in getting my job with Indian Railways. Can any one help me in how to know the vaccancies and applying for RRB.