Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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effect of temperature on stainless steel,aluminized steel,chromium at (500C-750C)-required for project work on silencer 1.thermal conductivity 2.heat conduction 3.mechanical strength 4.temperature to weight ratio urgent



how can we find the discharge pressure of the pump with the use of flow and NPSH?



what will be the velosity of a water at in the pipe of 6 inches which is situated at the bottom of 10 mtr tank ?


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During the ISO/TS Certification Audit the auditor arise the NC in the MRM dept.The NC is MRM is not conducted effectively . What is the CA for that NC?


what does a retarder actually when applied in an automobile??


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• What do you see ahead for yourself in the next Nine years?

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• How do you see the future for this industry?

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• What do you consider to be your job's most important assets?

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• What is the overall structure of your job and how did you fit the structure?

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What are the career paths in this position?

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What would you consider to be the most important aspects of this job?

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• What are the skills and attributes you value most for someone being hired for this position?

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• Have you previously successful in this position progressed to within the company you have worked with?

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• Could you describe a typical day or week in this position? What are the challenges facing this position?

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What are the most immediate challenges of this position that need to be addressed in the first three months?

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Explain how the lubricating oil circulates in a diesel engine.


write 2 important assumption on fin theory?


I'm a first year student of B.E Mechanical Engineering... How should i prepare myself for getting selected in campus interviews from now itself...? What books should i refer....?


relation of cop with ikw/tr?


Please brief me about Ball-screw.


sir i appeared to bosch written test recently and i cleared it successfully.can u suggest me how the interview will be done ?is it technical or HR or both?how shall i prepare for it?i am very eager to work with and in fact it is my dream job suggest me how to grab the job.if you know tell what type books are prefer for preparation of intrview?


What is the material used ball screw rod


Enumerate some trouble of fuel injection valve


Dear Sir, i need previous technical question papers, if possible so please tell from where i got these papers.


Causes of dilution of lubricating oil in a steam turbine?


What materials are used for engine propeller?


how we have to face the interview?


Causes of emergency trip of diesel engine


what is the fuction of asstt. rigman drilling


What parameters to be reported when we send lubricating oil for shore analysis?