Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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why efficiency of combine cycle power plant is more in winter then summer ?

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what is the purpose of wear rings in centrifugal pumps ?

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what is Tensile Stress ?

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what is possible maximum efficiency of a diesel engine and a petrol engine?


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Can we integrate the C programming with Pro-e (modelling software)through application program?


Pro-e(modeling software )work on which programming language ?


what is the difference between technology and engineering ?

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is there a future for a mechanical er. in supplier development field ?



I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer and when turning on the A/C the accuator opens and closes the panel doors on its own without me touching any controls..i bought a new climate control (350 dollars) and that didnt fix it..can anyone help??


If a fixed gear having 200 teeth is in mesh with another gear having 50 teeth.The two gear are connected by an arm.What will be the number of turn made by the smaller gear for one revolution of arm about the center of bigger gear? Any effort is appreciable witha proper logic..

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ET interview on 30TH MAY monday in Rajhans guest house anushaktinagar at 8 AM. contact on or 09013016142(msg me if not picked). contact to share & know abt interview


What type of job are you holding at the moment? What is your desired employment / occupational field

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what is the actual difference between casting and moulding? explain pressure die casting process?


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How can conclude that whether it is gravity die casting component or pressure die casting or low pressure die casting and shell moulding?

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what is the major purpose to choose the type of casting whether gravity,pressure,low poressure&shell moulding?


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Study the attached ACS 790 AHU and boiler GUI and refer to the video on the software usage, catalog and the step by step document (page 9) to perform the following task: List in a table form the controllers and all their connected I/O for the boiler and the AHU.


What is an oil mist detector


what is routh,s law in thermal engineering ?


If 320 grade Gear oil is used in a reduction gear box,what can be themaximum operating temperature of the gear box?


Can anybody please tell me from where I can get sample placement papers so that ii can prepare accordingly.


In Rankine Cycle we use the concept of Tm(mean temperature of heat addition).In actual cycle the efficiency comes as n=1-T2/T1 Taking Tm into consideration it comes as n=1-T2/Tm as T1>Tm so the efficiency for both case will not same for a same cycle. Can anybody explain how it is possible? Advance appreciation for your effort.Thanks


what are the major duties of a mechanical engineer in a power plant.?


what is the use of offset follower in cam? why and where we have to use this type of follower?


sir, i am completed in diplamo. can i join in iit, anna univercity as lateral entry. pls reply me sir.


Why tampering to be done?


how can we calculate the size of bearing with the size of plummer block?


Question regarding property of Critical Path?


general diesel engine we are using 15w 40 oil unfortunatley our oiller mis used the oil hudralic oil refilled when he doing the service which kind proplem coming in future?


how to solved the crictical problems in d. g. set


what is the actual difference between casting and moulding? explain pressure die casting process?