Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between data and information and also between data and programs?

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list three things you can do with the files you create by recording your voice on your computer?

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position of check valve and valve ,how to arrangement of valve before check valve in pump station.


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Can we achieve condenser vaccume more than 1 bar?

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why we open open condenser vacume early when the unit get balck?


who oto engine work


Hello there, Im a Mechanical Engineer. I passed out in 2010 and have worked for 6 months in the Middle East as a Trainee Engineer. Im now in India and due to appear for an Interview for a firm in the Middle East. The post is of an Automobile Engineer. Im kinda nervous as to what to prepare for the interview. The training which I got was in different areas ranging from technical to managerial aspects. What I mean to say is that that was more of a crash training, where I couldn't stick to one section alone. The interview which Im attending is more of a technical one. What I would like to know, how and what I should be preparing? I have two weeks for the preparation. Should I go through the normal automobile aspects or everything in random. PS: I have excellent communication skills, the one area in which I'm very confident.


What is the difference between Is 2062 material Grade A & B. Which grade is better ?


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two boilers producing 10 ton/h steam one has 8 bar and second on 5 bar which will consume more fuel? and why?

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can anybody says what is mean by BS 1/8" thread?

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are BS, BSP, BSW threads same?


What is the Difference between Cotter Joint


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how the inches threads should be converted into mm sizes?

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How to select the shock absorber?...................


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What are the objectives of NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) analysis?


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What is the formula for bearing OD?


What are the causes of L.O. high temperature?


How to disiegn DCV circuit ?


what is the reason of hat and work is not conserved energy?


I am not sure about the syllabus of the BHEl esam for the post of Engineer trainee so I want to know it and also send me model question papers


written test: 1) periodical and monthly maintenance are called preventive or panned maintenance. 2) Mechanical seal parts and their material. 3)Urea plant main parts and their construction material details.4)Name diagram of the given turbine5) Turbine nomenclature like API name.6)All types of corrosion like Galvanic and oxide with example.7)Parts of gate valve and its usage. diaphragm gate valve usage. etc.....


What pressure is highest L.O. Gravity Head or S.W. of the stern tube circulation


What are the different type of mechanism to engage primary moving engine and transmission [ In other word how many different type of clutches are there


what is the working principle of thrust pump in centrifugal chiller.


why we r recommended for pre-action sprinklers @ generator/tx/mv panel room. If any leakage there,that panel will damage. So what is the Logic for pre-action sprinklers there?


At 50 Centigrade (Fuel oil) what is its cast?


"In boiler, what does steam and smoke goes out to the funnel. What reason?"


what are the essential things for the power plant


Why preferred Production than Drilling?


present salary with all benefits (ctc) please give breakup it possible ?