Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between data and information and also between data and programs?

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list three things you can do with the files you create by recording your voice on your computer?

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position of check valve and valve ,how to arrangement of valve before check valve in pump station.


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Can we achieve condenser vaccume more than 1 bar?

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why we open open condenser vacume early when the unit get balck?


who oto engine work


Hello there, Im a Mechanical Engineer. I passed out in 2010 and have worked for 6 months in the Middle East as a Trainee Engineer. Im now in India and due to appear for an Interview for a firm in the Middle East. The post is of an Automobile Engineer. Im kinda nervous as to what to prepare for the interview. The training which I got was in different areas ranging from technical to managerial aspects. What I mean to say is that that was more of a crash training, where I couldn't stick to one section alone. The interview which Im attending is more of a technical one. What I would like to know, how and what I should be preparing? I have two weeks for the preparation. Should I go through the normal automobile aspects or everything in random. PS: I have excellent communication skills, the one area in which I'm very confident.


What is the difference between Is 2062 material Grade A & B. Which grade is better ?


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two boilers producing 10 ton/h steam one has 8 bar and second on 5 bar which will consume more fuel? and why?

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can anybody says what is mean by BS 1/8" thread?

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are BS, BSP, BSW threads same?


What is the Difference between Cotter Joint


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how the inches threads should be converted into mm sizes?

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How to select the shock absorber?...................


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What are the objectives of NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) analysis?


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"In a four-stroke diesel engine, In what engine exhaust valve will open?"


Please tell me the difference between EN31 and OHNS material.


Please sent JindalSteel&power,Domain & Apptitude test paper. Urgent / Tahnks in advance


What are the typical indicator diagrams?


i am preparing for vsp management trainee technical 2010.can any one send me modelpapers of preliminary written test.


Why you consider yourself suitable for the post


can i use IS 2062 gr B pipes in the softening plant pipings?


What is add number


Causes of M/E high exhaust valve temperature


How to convert GSS duct volume in KG for all guages


What should you do before you start the engine?


efficiency of diesel generator set:kwh x 3410 x 100/ fuel in ltrs x 0.87 x 2.2 x 19000. is it correct formula


I want technical questions of previous reqruitment examination


3-4 questions on optical fiber : data based.


How would you increase the volume efficiency of centrifugal pump?