Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what different between centrifugal pump and positive displacement pump


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What is the effect of changing in cc of the engine?

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Can anyone explain Things gone right(TGR) and Things gone wrong(TGW) in the APQP process? preferable With example.


The Length of the Divergent Cone is about 3 to 4 times than that of the Convergent Cone why


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What is the difference between circular runout and total runout?

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major purposes of of the steam drum?

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how a cyclone steam separator works?


why is steam-water separation equipment so important in good boiler operation?

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what is meant by excess air?

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purpose of primary and secondary air? causes of smoke?


what is continuous-emission monitoring(CEM)System?

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the movement of piston is necessary for starting the engine na. then how does the big vehicles start. their piston can't be moved when the engine is at standstill. what actually the procedure........

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what is draft and draft loss?in a boiler,how is draft created?


what is the three types of combustion-control system?


what precautions must be used when water washing a boiler?


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one kg of gas is compressed adiabatically from 1 kg/,1 cubic metre volume and 300 kelvin to 5 kg/,0.5 cubic metre and 400 transfer in this process will be


What is the maximum cylinder head temperature of a 1200 KW, 12 cylinders DG set


Dear friends, i am a student of mechanical final year in rajasthan. If you have any type (Technical,interview, aptitude) of question paper related to BIRLA CEMENT LTD. than plz send me these paper at thanks


Please sent JindalSteel&power,Domain & Apptitude test paper. Urgent / Tahnks in advance


what is the minimum velocity of cooling water for maximum efficiency of condensor.


What is mean carry over of Aux. Boiler?


Who all falls under the Perview of Excise Duty, we mean who has to pay the Excise Duty, eg: does all mfrs have to pay ED or who has high turnover they should only pay ED, if yes that what is the Turnover limit?


What materials are used for engine propeller?


What are steam turbine parts usually come into damage?


can anybody tell me whta kind of questions i may face in HPCL interview.( rpl.


can i use IS 2062 gr B pipes in the softening plant pipings?


Causes of emergency trip of diesel engine


What are the purposes of spiral gear in a purifier?


what will happen if petrol engine make to run with diesel


What are you going to inspect or check when you open the crankcase?