Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what are the duties of a production engineer in a power plant?

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What is the shaft coupling and its types.

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What is bootrom? And how it works?



what is the difference between application of single acting actuator and double acting actuator

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how we measure the through distance of grill?


in tpp how steam pr. decreases from steam drum to main steam line


What is the difference between Corrective actions and preventive actions?

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Why we need two angle of projections ( 1st angle and 3rd angle)? Cant we standardize to one.


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a three phase squirrel cage induction motor runs slow? list all possible reasons for such fault.


If Seller is Registered with Karnatka State and Selling the Engg. goods to Delhi based non registered company, then what is the CST they charge?


Is there is a collection of interview questions for Engineering services examination conducted by UPSC.


difference between unilateral tolerance and bilateral tolerance

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Can someone help me with topics for doing some projects or paper presentation on mechanical engineering concepts??

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what is mechanical

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where does stuffing box is placed

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What is the Self & starter? what does it do in the in Genset


What is breather frequency of tank?


What are the defects in exhaust valve?


Hello i want to design a portable 1/4HP pressure washer pump like elgi reciprocating pump which are being used in service station.what are the design aspects to taken in to consideration for making new pump.


i want to know what r the various job in government as well as central government, for mechanical engineers. can any one answer plz


How to calculate CFM in Compressure or Blower? EX. I hv Blower with 5hp motor.then how to calculate the CFM?


Explain how the cylinder lubrication on main engine is done?


sir,i am golng to attend BHEL supervisor trainee personal interview on 11 sept.anyone share me that how could i perform well in interview& what they would expect from me. thank you.


What is gtsc technology?


how hydraulic power stearin clutch work plz explain


If saturated temp of water is 99.8degc at atmospheric pressure,then how the water of sea is evaporated at normal temp


What causes a hydraulic cylinder to skip?


Explain the principle of Suizer Fuel oil injection pump


type of welding


HI I am going to write HAL for the post of management trainee. I need model / Sample Question . Plz help me