Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is pulverisation


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if u have three steam turbine blades, how will u find which blade is for low pressure, high pressure and medium pressure?????

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define fans and explain its types?


How to Start Boiler Electrical Feed Pump? I mean to How to Charge it?



explain about where should we use deep groove ball bearings,angular contact ball bearings,spherical roller bearings,taper roller bearings,cylindrical roller bearings and thrust bearings

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what is the purpose of actuator

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If saturated temp of water is 99.8degc at atmospheric pressure,then how the water of sea is evaporated at normal temp 71


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boils laws

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what is meant by one ton Air conditioner, how fast it cool a room.

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Is it possible to fix 1/2" BSPP Male thread with 1/2" BSPT female thread. If yes is it safe for gas transport applications.

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For hot water : please compare to solar heat and heat pump (environment/operation/invest...) Is there any comparison available. Thank you


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We have 6-axis wotan horizontal milling & boring machine. Linear axis- x,y,z,w & U. Rotary table B Axis Z,U & W axis are parallel. Z is tool axis. X is cross slide. We wish to retrofit the machine.Which control I should select & also suggest How many axis simutaneous control for linear & circular interpolation.


what are the duties of a mechanical engineer in a gas power plant..?

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what are the major duties of a mechanical engineer in a power plant.?

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Is cnc operating experience is must for successful career in cad/cam?How to make salary jump in this field of cad/cam?


After any cause of repaired how i start the engine by slow speed 800 to 900 rpm electronic control moudle engine [cummins]


what is the difference between under vacuum & under pressure boiling?


draw p-v dia distingshing naturally aspirated and supercharged engine with reference to pumping loss?


explain the mixture requirement of si engine to meet the demands of various operating condition?


How to calculate pressure to compress tablet in mechanical press machine


plz sent me jindal placement papers in mechanical enginnering


How to calculate IKW (inputkilowatt) ie.. efficiency of a airconditioning chiller plant capacity of 310TR


tell me about a time you were able to successfully deal with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you or vice versa.


how we can calculate the air consumption of any system.


where the compressor is placed in the automobile?


if there is 30% loss in cooling of an ic engine then to reduce that it is ok to supply 30% less fuel? why?


do u know about Publishing and Task in catia v5


what is cswip?


What do you mean by A.CC.?