Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Is Solid work and solid edge best programs for drawing? what is the difference bewteen them? r there better softwares?


what is cathodic protection? where it is used and when? and why?


what is cyclon seperator and water column?


explain how do seamless pipes looks like and when they r used?

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What is the difference between compressor surge and compressor stall? How it affects the performance? Which type of compressor generally experience stall and surge?

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Why cooling tower of power plant is always in hyperbola shape?

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What is the difference between induced draft and forced draft fan? where are they used?

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Why reciprocating type compressors are used in cement industry and why not centrifugal type compressor?

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What is general pressure ratio for axial, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors?


Why combustion chamber is used in gas power plant cycle? What will happen if compressor output is directly provided to gas turbine?

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Where mixed flow type compressors are used?


What is difference between Higher calorific value and lower calorific value?


What is the difference between IES and Engineering service exam?

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What is pulse tube used in low temperature application?


what is sight glass, water level meter, water level indicator, level control probe?


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How many lubricating holes are there in cylinder?


Is the unit and normal value fuel ratio of an average diesel engine?


how to minibar working


How to operate soot blower boiler and economizer?


Re: what is different between run out and concentricity in Gd &T


Is it possible to make common ducting for Induced draft boiler with Forced Draft Boiler?  Induced Draft Boiler is having Agrowaste type and Forced Draft Boiler is of Oil Firing type.


i need iocl model aptitude question papers soon as possible .so pls 4wd it to m id


I got an interview call from CANARA BANK for the post of TECHNICAL MANAGER (MMG-II), Can any one tell me what are the questions will be asked?


Please anyone send me previous papers of ONGC (Mechanical Engineering) at my email id Please help me.


I am a technical graduate with 2 years of experience in automobile industry. i want to prepare for air force technical level examination. will u pls tell me what is the syllabus or do u have some model question papers???


Is Solid work and solid edge best programs for drawing? what is the difference bewteen them? r there better softwares?


what is the velocity considering in lube oil drain line for lube of system for steam turbine?


L&T construction mechanical questions


sir ,i applied rrb chennai for the post of junier engineer please sent model question papper with solved data to my mail


what is diameter of a suction pipe?