Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is moment-curvature relationship in semi rigid connections??

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which method is used in semi-rigid connection design??



If i buy some material and the seller asks me my TIN number what does that mean?? Is it my Taxpayers Identification number or it is my Tax invoice number? What does both of these stands for???


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what are the criterias for designing a school lab? for e.g a chem lab.Does it depend on room size or no. of students?

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PCC Road Min Grade M 30 for VR standard Mahatashtra load 30 KN. what should be thickness of pavement, width 4m what should be length of panel.


which lime used in white washing

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how many moisture content in well seasoned timber

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where bitumen emulsion is used

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what is the crushing strength of good building stone

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what is the size of moduler bricks

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if the diameter of capillary tube is double then the capillary rise will be

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what happened if the diameter of capillary tube is double then the capillary rise will be


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if the nitrates more than 45mg/l in water lead to disease then what is it called


where cross hairs in surveying telescope are fitted

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in which measurment pitot tube is used

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Whats the meanig of ,'K' VALUE in the case of soil.....


what is right & short method of measurement of slab&beam


Why M15 is replaced by M20 when ammendment are made in IS456 in 2000?


what is the mix design for M:60 with micro silica andmetakaoline?


400 ku d/c clearess ketan hota hai?


Rate analysis of Vitrified tile in cement mortor 1:3


What is standard Sand? What is Regime condition? What do you mean by the core trench in Earthen Dasm? What is soundness test for cement? When negetive shear force takes place in a R.C.C member?


How to compute minimum number of columns required for a site from area of site?


flow of fluid takes place viscosity compressibilityu surface tension deformation under shear force


what is the difference between np2 and np3 concrete mix


If 40 backlogs are cleared m finally with 65 percent marks . Am I eligible to get visa to US


what is the difference between natural draught cooling tower and induced draught cooling tower


what is the minimum reinforcement provided in beams,footings,slabs? what is the minimum soil bearing capacity to design a multistorey building


what should be the deduction for bend in stirrups while calculating cutting length? Is it 1 dia at each bend?


How much Tolerance factors like 1. brick work 2.plaster 3.painting 4.floor tiling 5.wall tiling 6.shuttering 7.concreting 8.steel