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Time required for curing of wall tiles before fixing


how to do soil testing briefly with details

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Is there the dry coefficient of cement is constant?


Please let me know about answer for my Question as "What is the maximum wastage allowable of HYSD Steel in any Bridge project as per Code and Code reference also ?

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What is the cost of formwork for columns/beams/rcc walls also what is the cost of shuttering for roof slab at height of 25 feet

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As per IS 2502 2(A+B)+24d formula is given for stirrups detailing,but explination not given for how that 24d came


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what is Quantity of stone and sand required for one cubic meter of stone work (UCR)


How to make tiles floor step by step procedure?

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How to improve the strength of fly ash bricks to avoid corner damge? How to get the color lighter similar to normal concrete blocks/


How to avoid fly ash seed ball formations in the concrete mixer while mixing of raw materials for fly ash block manufacturing?


what is the weight if 1m3 M25 concrete after setting?

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50m3 concrete volume how much cement sand aggregate details radio m20grade

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how will remove spiderweb cracking in plaster ? what the reasone of make it ?

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1.0 what is the permissible westage of steel in structural steel fabrication say gantry , trustle of power plant unit 2.0 what is the permissible westage of cement in construction work as above


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What is vertical dpc and where it is construct?

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What are the methods in tiles flooring ? What are the methods in brick work? What are the methods in plastering ? What are the methods in wall tiling?


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Design a cantilever slab to carry a live load of 2000 N/m2. The overhang of the slab is 1.20m. b) A slab over a room is 4.75m x 4.75m. The edges of the slab are simply supported and the corners are not held down. The live load an the slab is 300 Kg/m2. The slab has a bearing of 15cm. On the supporting walls. Design the slab as per Rankine - Grashoff theory. Assume weight of R.C.C. = 2400 Kg/m2.


In how many types u can do POP on ceiling and walls(on which material or by using which material)? b) what is the difference between dry , oil bound, enamel, acrlyic type of painting? 2nd :- I have certain queries, please help to solve. a) length of pile bore is 4m.excavation quantity will be area * length where area will be pi/4 * dia*dia. Is this right? b) It is a single reamed pile of 300m dia and reamed dia is 750mm. can any body help me to calculate excavated quantity of this bulb(reamed section),, concrete quantity in bulb with showing the formulas to be used?


i have four storeyed rcc building.basement of the building is around 34 years does not have pillar is having lintel steel support at every 7 feet of construction. how long this building will lost long . can any body help me in this regard


how many litres of enamel paint required for 5000 sft of site?? 


1.what type of the rock is most suitable for wet mix macadam in construction of road? 2.what is the highest maximum dry density and optimum moisture content can be acheive by using most suitable crush rock?


Formula for calculating the volume of bulb in underreamed pile


the distrubution system in water supplies is designed on the basis of avg daily demand peak hourly demand coincident of draft greater of B & C


what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.?


What is the difference between yeild strength and compressive strength of steel???


Could you please give me an answer to the mixing proportion of concrete M1 grade (sterngth of 1 MPa)?


how to stop beam concrete between column


How to use of me trial wall plaster 6mm , 10mm par sqm. use in sand and cement ?


I Want To Know Quantity of Cement Conc. & Sand in Column of 9"x9"x10'