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Bharat Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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x=2,y=6,z=6 x=y==z; printf(%d",x)

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Difference between inline query and stored procedure?

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In Red Cross is symbolized as 'Red Cross'. In Arabian coutries which is symbolized by ............

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to operate air conditioner of 1.5ton what power of generator is required

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how will remove spiderweb cracking in plaster ? what the reasone of make it ?


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Un-Answered Questions

im doing job as a tele marketing(trainee)..our company is SAP business partener..most of companis using tally ERP..or other ERP solutions..i have to talk with director of d company & convience them to purchase SAP business plzz tell me main difference in tally ERP & SAP business one.. plzz help me..


Genarally what we have to tell. If anybody asks in the interview. what are challenges u faced in the Project and what are the Risks u faced in the Project, Anybody can suggest it ......Thanks in Advance....


what is cbt in bank explain it???


What are your personal skills and abilities for such a Master Course and your possible preparation to undertake this course?


When do you see the exit happening? - Venture Capitalists


what are the fiber losses,How to rectify it?


What happen if you have 3 ports in SQ and 4 ports in SQL override of SQ( provided all ports are in same order and they are connected with proper source and target)? Also what happens when I have 4 ports and will extract 3 values in SQloverride.. What will be the value in 4th port ?


What is Schema on Read and Schema on Write?


How much can transient transfection expected from Lipofectamine 2000(Invitrogen)?


best trainig institutes and best faculty in chennai for software testing ?


Explain Energy and Power signals?


there is any possible to same councilor to ask me or another?


Explain Random and Deterministic signals?


Describe the process for creating and adding to material BOMs. Include release procedure/status, notifications, responsibilities, authorizations, involved systems, Engineering Change Management, and so on.


How much current will a 5 HP delta connected motor at no load will take?Is tat need a starter


Bharat Interview Questions
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