Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate quantity of binding wire for any kind of structures. How to calculate quantity of nails in 1 sq m shuttering.


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Slab quantity 


what is the tensile strength of 10swg and 8swg gabion wire?


what is the exact dia of 8swg and 10swg gabion wire


what is thumb rule exactly?

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How is calculate the cube molt



how much steel and concrete required for 450 sft slab? tell also the method

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Any strength is a stress but any stress is not strength


how to calculate the steel for 450 sft slab, please tell me the solution method

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why 50% more is assumed while calculating dry volume of coarse and fine aggregates in concrete calculations.whether 50% more is correct? How is it decided? whether the same is applicable to cement volume. Also what about cement mortar dr volume? How much more is to be considered for dry volume of mortar.

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what is zero slump concrete

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how to calculate the no. of brick (18'*9'-wall)

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what is the quantity of cement bag we are use for (18'*9')wall?

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how to decide the mortar ratio 1:4,1:6 in masonry? same in plaster 1:3 and 1:4? which code or any document reference taken to define proportion?


What is a BBS?Find out the cutting length for a foundation size 600 x 600, cover 50 mm?

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20 mpa what is the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in one cubic meter of pcc non rainforcement concreate kindly answer including formaula thanks


what post do you prefer to work in this company and why do you think you can serve better in such position?


How many times we can use Fresh bentonite ford wall execution? Would like to know the clear concept of recycling. After flushing can we use it for another time time for flushing? Or we have to use it for for excavation only?


importance of the soundness test to determine the quality of cement use for any construction


What do you mean by tolerance factor of concrete ?


What is the Tor steel Consumption for residential building G+24 footing (thum rule) ?


Why we provide hair pin for shed


will fix foundation bolts at site with out template is there any procedure?


what is the mix design for M:60 with micro silica andmetakaoline?


questions with answers to face an interview of an civil engineer regarding RCC buidings


Are you ready to relocate with your immediate family to United States as a new employee?


VAT and CST ? Which benefits for buyer ? Why benefits?


How much of fly ash is allowable in Portland cement and what is the disadvantage when the level of fly ash is increased?


if size is 235cmsx15cmx100cms so how many cement bags and how many sand bags are used for concrete mix


what energized you to complete your course?