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What happens when,in Prestressed girder the HDPE duct and cone size is provided more than required? (technical answer expected)


Maximum cement content in 1cum for RCC and PSC? (please give IS,IRC referance?



How much lap length provided in compression and tension in bridges?

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how u design STAGING for Superstructure in BRIDGE construction?


Can a 24" RCC beam can rest on 18" RCC beam.

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i have to give lap joint fo 1Mtr steel of dia12mm,whenever i did mistake i cut less 5cm plz tell me how much i will give lap joint so that length comes 1Mtr

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Can a 9" x 24" RCC beam be supported on 18" x 18" RCC beam.

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different types of rcc slab

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Okay guys I m new here i wanna ask you that ,if i mix two three larger stones (about 20cm dia)in concrete for column or footings what actually happens, how the strength of concrete is reduced? and why it is not allowed?

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what is the weight of 6000 psi concrete in lb/cft?


difference between minor and major bridge.

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what is the procedure for batching plant calibration??????


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any one tell me what is the volumetric ratio and weigh bathing ratio of 6000 psi concrete. plz help me on this matter.

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why should we use 20mm graded metal only in vrcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal?

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how lap length is increased with increase of Grade of steel?

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I am a civil engineering student and going to attend interview in this week in an IT company.Will they ask me questions about my area of interest or cs


How u can calculate the Octagon ring distance from center of raft in 275 mtr chimney slipform errection? cantact no:0993455097


Normally in slabs, steel quantity is not added when you calculating concrete quantity for that slab, why it is not added ?


How to estabilish reinforcement Steel rolling margin for a building projects ?


how u design STAGING for Superstructure in BRIDGE construction?


sir iam dng my engg final yr (civil) iam intrested to write group_1 .if we write this exam what kind of jobs we get and what should be the minimum score for us to get qualified and iam having reservation too.


To pcc 11 ft x 24 ft .How many bags of cement, sand and aggregate required? And for roofing how many cgi sheets required?


What should be the lap length in raft if height of raft is 0.800mm couldn't b 50D or 40D...we just have to join upper and bottom there any formula for determine it...


How to fix the reinforcement in footing shorter bar at bottom and longer fix at top.


how to shuttering is used in slab


what is right & short method of measurement of slab&beam


how to convert cement, sand aggregate quantity from M3 to kg with full description?


In an aggregate blending plant, water is sprayed before blending is performed. If the fine content in aggregate is as high as 25 %, will not the fines form into lumps / balls and distribution will not be uniform ? Further, the fines will stick onto the interior of pug mill and its content will be low. The mixed material is stockpiled for weeks / months before use. Will it not be better that blending is done in dry condition, and water will be added only during compaction at site. Please forward your comments and suggestions.


how to diffenentiate the fixed beam and simply supported beam in the execution while reading the drawing and how the reinforcement detail will be differ for the above.


what happening if we casting HV shunt reactor foundation pad at 50cm height different time (One day difference)