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What happens when,in Prestressed girder the HDPE duct and cone size is provided more than required? (technical answer expected)


Maximum cement content in 1cum for RCC and PSC? (please give IS,IRC referance?



How much lap length provided in compression and tension in bridges?

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how u design STAGING for Superstructure in BRIDGE construction?


Can a 24" RCC beam can rest on 18" RCC beam.

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i have to give lap joint fo 1Mtr steel of dia12mm,whenever i did mistake i cut less 5cm plz tell me how much i will give lap joint so that length comes 1Mtr

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Can a 9" x 24" RCC beam be supported on 18" x 18" RCC beam.

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different types of rcc slab

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Okay guys I m new here i wanna ask you that ,if i mix two three larger stones (about 20cm dia)in concrete for column or footings what actually happens, how the strength of concrete is reduced? and why it is not allowed?

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what is the weight of 6000 psi concrete in lb/cft?


difference between minor and major bridge.

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what is the procedure for batching plant calibration??????


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any one tell me what is the volumetric ratio and weigh bathing ratio of 6000 psi concrete. plz help me on this matter.

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why should we use 20mm graded metal only in vrcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal?

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how lap length is increased with increase of Grade of steel?

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Can anyone tell me the sequence of the activities in a drawing room, kitchen & Toilet including civil work, finishing, electrical & plumbing fittings


How to construct a water sump in a rocky soil?


Design an underground tank of internal dimensions 6m x 3m x 3m. The soil surrounding the tank always remains dry. The tank shall be provided with a roof slab. The soil weighs 16000 N/m3 having an angle of repose of 30.


I want to know the relevant IS codes of practice which deals with different testings of cement-sand mortar (nominal mix)that is being normally used for brick work or plaster work in the construction work.


How to find weight of steel in kg if we know the area which is in m2? Following details are known to us, Area=125m² thk of slab=250mm Steel details:T12@200 PS:considering mesh top and bottom with X and Y direction


Doul Bar reinforcement and details of drawing.


150mm bricks size how many use 4.14 m3


significance of specific surface area of particles?


Can compresive strength test for concrete at 1 day age possible to carry out? If yes, which IS code describes the procedure for such testing?


manhole height is 1500 mm and width of brickwork is 230 mm dia of manhole covering is 560 mm brick masonry 1:4 horizontal length is 1500 mm and plaster 12 mm thick on both side 1:3. how to estimate the quantity of brickwork with mortar cement and sand for manhole chamber.


how to workable concrete cube test M-25 design mix


An interior designer designed a rack with the given dimensions. The dimensions are in feet. This coplanar frame repeats at every 5feet and constitute a space frame. The total length is 120feet. Which steel member will you suggest? A square bar, A square tube or a circular tube. Explain.


what discoveries did you have in relation to your course?


How to calculate dry of volume of concrete constant?How it comes 1.54 or 1.57


VAT and CST ? Which benefits for buyer ? Why benefits?