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plastering ratio 1:3

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m15 screeding concrete ration calculation


how do we calculate quantity of cement sand and aggregates in 1m3 of m20 m25 grade concrete?

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1 cum brick work CM1:6 how many bricks sand cement required brick size 8"4"3"

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Dear Sir, I work in hydro project. I want to hire Scorpio/ Bolero on monthly basis. But how can i justified its amount (Hourly basic). Please solve my problem


How to do base isolation using ETABS software?


How to do base isolation for RC framed structure using ETABS software?


What are the structural steel & where they are used

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What is Leastcount of 1. Total station 2. Theodolite 3. Dumpy level 4. Plane Table

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What is cutting Length of stirrups of a beam 300mm*300mm.

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in moon night and stars r shining with moon n u stand n lloking towards sky if u have no copass, and no any other civil lab equipment, then how u point out the North direction for serveying??

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What are the defects in concrete?


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how many size of electric cable, who used in Building & how measurment this material ?

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Approximate size of the metal use for normal concrete?

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Concrete could be defined as, (1)An artificial stone (2)Structural stone (3)Strong stone (4)Rock and Sand stone

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what is concrete canvas?


What is the yield of 100 litres of water and 10 kg of cement in grout mix?


how many kg of 20mm, 10mm, dust available in one ton stone boulder


I'm preparing to to build a simple house, but i don't know how to calculate how much cement, gravel and sand and hollow blocks i need to prepare. How many pcs of 4" or 6" hollow blocks I need for my planned 3mx6m house? thanks. 


How much quantity of cement and sand required for the inlining of 610mm dia MS pipe 8.7mm thk.Inlining thickness is 10mm and CM ratio is 1:1.5.


can i get civil engineering test papers.......?????


what is the tensile strength of 10swg and 8swg gabion wire?


I have to design brick column and footing (note: without any reinforcement). Can somebody post me the design or suggest a book where i could possibly find the design? Plz help very urgent


What are the methods of measurement? Describe it shortly


what post do you prefer to work in this company and why do you think you can serve better in such position?


quantity of sand and cement for 10m2 plastering 10mm thick for the ratio of 1:4,1:3and its leabour data


what are the types of design? which type of method is used at what type of design & why?


mix design procedure for 1:6 cement mortar


how meny typs of renging rod?


for pretensioning which will yield first and same for post tensioning?