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plastering ratio 1:3

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m15 screeding concrete ration calculation


how do we calculate quantity of cement sand and aggregates in 1m3 of m20 m25 grade concrete?

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1 cum brick work CM1:6 how many bricks sand cement required brick size 8"4"3"

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Dear Sir, I work in hydro project. I want to hire Scorpio/ Bolero on monthly basis. But how can i justified its amount (Hourly basic). Please solve my problem


How to do base isolation using ETABS software?


How to do base isolation for RC framed structure using ETABS software?


What are the structural steel & where they are used

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What is Leastcount of 1. Total station 2. Theodolite 3. Dumpy level 4. Plane Table

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What is cutting Length of stirrups of a beam 300mm*300mm.

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in moon night and stars r shining with moon n u stand n lloking towards sky if u have no copass, and no any other civil lab equipment, then how u point out the North direction for serveying??

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What are the defects in concrete?


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how many size of electric cable, who used in Building & how measurment this material ?

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Approximate size of the metal use for normal concrete?

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Concrete could be defined as, (1)An artificial stone (2)Structural stone (3)Strong stone (4)Rock and Sand stone

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what is the most suitable foundation when construct a bird watching tower in a marshy land


what is the use of steel rods of 16mm or 20mm used for 4.45mts for closing mate consumes how many kgs with a gap of 6inches.


Design a cantilever slab to carry a live load of 2000 N/m2. The overhang of the slab is 1.20m. b) A slab over a room is 4.75m x 4.75m. The edges of the slab are simply supported and the corners are not held down. The live load an the slab is 300 Kg/m2. The slab has a bearing of 15cm. On the supporting walls. Design the slab as per Rankine - Grashoff theory. Assume weight of R.C.C. = 2400 Kg/m2.


I need model question papers for writing the Dubai municipality exam,for G+1


what is Quantity of stone and sand required for one cubic meter of stone work (UCR)


1) a)to prepare mortar for bricklaying how much amount of water should be added for its maximum strength and workability(to avoid cracks which results, when high quantity of water is added)?is their a formula or ratio? b) suppose we want to make 1:3 mortar,what is the best way to measure cement ,sand and water and how? c)time before which freshly prepared mortar should be used? d)proper way to mix and make mortar? e)when should curing start after laying bricks and for how long?and also how many hours per day? f)what is shear wall (please in terms of layman lol) bookish definisions are confusing.... g) and last,acc to codes what are max no. of course that should be laid in a day.


What is dead load impact load live load


if size is 235cmsx15cmx100cms so how many cement bags and how many sand bags are used for concrete mix


what is idealized curve for concrere and steel


beam length 73 feet 4 inch,width 01 feet,height 50 inch so every beam load how much? and what quantity of M.S ROD? both side ony two column in middle no column.pls inform me that this is stable or not ? and how much risk of this beam?


Gidc technical que paper


what is box type waterproofing and how it is exsiccated and what is the method of doing box type waterproofing


What is quantity of cement and sand required for 2000sqft of tiling?


what is zone a n zone b?why the spacing of ring in zone a less.n zone b high?


Is there the dry coefficient of cement is constant?