Inorganic Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is the oxidation number for KMnO4?

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What is Noble Gas Configuration?

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How Many grams of solid iodine are produced by the decomposition of 25.4g of hydrogen iodine gas?


what is the structure of sodium fluoride?

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why do antimony and bismuth have the same electron affinities?


Which is a homogenous mixture, NaOH solution or H2O?

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What are the uses of sulfuric acid as a dehydrating agent?

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Can diffusion take place in solids?

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what is thermal energy?

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What are amalgams?

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How a balanced equation can be used to find the mass or volume of an unknown quantity in a stoichiometry?


why is the atomic radius of Mg2+ bigger than that of Na+?

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what is mole fraction?

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what is the net ionic equation of MgSO4 and AgNO3?

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How does ionic radius affect the solubility of a salt?

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what is silicon chip


graphaite has higher melting point than fularine


Give the IUPAC name for [Co(NH3)5Cl] SO4


composition of german silver


Comosition of bell metal


write short note on steroids,terpenes,prostagladins,and phospholipids.


what is meant if aluminium sulfate contains 30% basicity?


How many moles of sodium hydrogen phosphate can be prepared from 3 mol of sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid?


there is something which we call as the basicity of an acid i wanted to ask is that is there something like the basicity of an alkali if yes than how can we define it?


what is the significance of control of absorbance in UV?


why is mgcl used in edta titration


What is hybridyzation ? How can i find that which type hybridyzation in perticular compound like in CH4(hy is sp3).


What is the easiest, (Less compound mixtures, basically), way to make coca.. ;)


What modification is required for the atomic theory in order to explain the existence of isotopes, and modern view of atomic nuclei and electrons?


what is the syllabus for mahagenco recruitment drive for the post of chemist