Inorganic Chemistry Interview Questions
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Give the formula of the following compound. i) Chloropentaamminecobalt(III) chloride ii) tris(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III)chloride iii) tetraamminesulphatocobalt(III)nitrate

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Discuss role of coordination chemistry in: (a) Biological system (b) Analytical chemistry (c) Medicinal chemistry


Out of (CH3)3C- and (CH3)2CH- carboanion, which is more stable and why?

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why the second and third row transition metal containing d8 configuration, always fonming square planar complexes

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why cis-platin is used as the anti tumer drug?

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what is the different between order and molecularity of the reaction?

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hydrolysis of sucrose follows which order?

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what is the basics of electronic spectroscopy?

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why we have to use sulphuric acid and nitric acid in heavy metals test procedure

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which element is good conductor of electricity but bad conductor of heat


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why lead acetate s used in the Limit test of Arsenic? what role Lead Acetate plays????

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why Nacl solution called as brine solution?

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What is hybridyzation ? How can i find that which type hybridyzation in perticular compound like in CH4(hy is sp3).

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what is inorganic chemistry?

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there is something which we call as the basicity of an acid i wanted to ask is that is there something like the basicity of an alkali if yes than how can we define it?


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write short note on steroids,terpenes,prostagladins,and phospholipids.


Comosition of bell metal


Give lewis dot structure for HBrO4?


Define:minerals and ores


which cationic polymer is compatible with poly aluminium chloride?


What is the easiest, (Less compound mixtures, basically), way to make coca.. ;)


what is the significance of control of absorbance in UV?


why do antimony and bismuth have the same electron affinities?


How a balanced equation can be used to find the mass or volume of an unknown quantity in a stoichiometry?


For water content determination, if the material is insoluble in methnaol and ethylene glycol mono methyl ether, what other diluent can we use.


How many moles of sodium hydrogen phosphate can be prepared from 3 mol of sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid?


what is silicon chip


What modification is required for the atomic theory in order to explain the existence of isotopes, and modern view of atomic nuclei and electrons?


why lead acetate s used in the Limit test of Arsenic? what role Lead Acetate plays????


What are common snowflake shapes?