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Botany Interview Questions
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What is the difference between a pedicel and a peduncle?

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Explain the difference between a raceme and a spike.

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Write a floral formula for a flower which has 5 united sepals; a zygomorphic corolla of 5 petals-one large one, two small ones, and two that are united; 9 stamens united by their filaments and one free; and one superior carpel.

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Write a flora formula for a flower which has a variable number of sepals, 8 petals united at the base, 8 stamens united by their anthers, and an inferior ovary of 4 united carpels.


Describe the structure of a catkin with regard to sex and completeness of the flowers.


What things do you count in order to determine the number of carpels in a compound ovary?


Describe the difference between a legume, a lomentum, and a follicle.

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True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


What function does a pappus serve? How is it useful to botanists?

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Which family of dicots has the most species?

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viny plant with alternate leaves, poricidally-dehiscent anthers, and black berries belongs to which Family?

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Describe three unusual features of flowers in Asclepias.

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Give the three head types found in the Asteraceae and tell which flower types are found in each.

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Describe the unusual stamens in many members of the Ericaceae. What two corolla shapes are typical of the family?


Which sex(es) of flowers in the Cucurbitaceae have nectary disks? Why?


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now a days essential oils are different from volatile oils.why?


what is the non-congruent principle?


Explain how the rings on a tree trunk can tell you the age of the tree and What is that branch of botany called?


What is the effect of acid rain on spirogyra?


How does a cherry seed germinate?


What is botanical garden?


Describe the structure of a catkin with regard to sex and completeness of the flowers.


What happens when regular water is replaced with salt water for plant consumption?


what are the advantages and disadvantages of biofertilizers?


You have been provided with a set of plates of fungi isolated from a diseased leaf, one Chytridiomycota, one Zygomycota, one Ascomycota and one Basidiomycota. The signs of infection indicate that the disease has been caused by a member of Ascomycota which does not form a sexual stage easily. What features would you look for in your isolates to indicate if the target fungus was present?


How reduce acorn production?


what are the adaptations of desert plants like cactus?


what does prothallial cells do?


How can one merge two species of bamboo to create a new variety?


What is the formula of process of photosynthesis?