Genetics Interview Questions
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what is genetic mutation?

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what are Alleles ?

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what is Interspecific breeding ?

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Why does RNA have 5 bases and DNA has only 4?


which gene determines Hair Color?

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how do you differentiate chromosomes and chromatids ?

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What do you think of cloning?

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what are the symptoms of Turner's syndrome ?

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what is Genetic Engineering?

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what is Fruit Fly Genetics ?

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our hair comes from our mother's father.Is it true or not?


How do u differentiate between Meiosis I & Meiosis II?

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what is Avian flu threat? what are its symptoms?


How to construct Genetic Code?


Does Environment affect genes?

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Is Genetic Engineering worth the cost and effort?


Why do we age?


what is the connection between a chromatid and a replicated DNA molecule?


What are the benefits/risks when company traditional and genetically engineered breeding?


Has vitamin c been produced in a human naturally before?


what is the role of Beta-lactamase in Gene Cloning ?


The village of Oblong has 400 normally-shaped residents. Transferrin is an iron carrier found in blood, and electrophoretic variation of this protein is determined by an autosomal codominant system. The citizens of Oblong were typed for their transferrin complements. The distribution of transferrin phenotypes was: 100 CC, 100 CD, and 200 DD. What is the frequency of the C allele?


Why was rii locus chosen by Benzer for his experiment?


What is the chemical composition of gene?


Can you name a few potential risks of Genetic Engineering?


How can all organisms share the same 4 bases DNA and still be so diverse?


Cystic fibrosis (CF) occurs with a frequency of about 1/2500 Caucasian newborns and is inherited as an autosomal recessive. A woman had an older sister die from complications of this disease. CF is not present among relatives of her husband. Both the woman and her husband have normal phenotypes. What is the chance this couple will have a CF child?


Is Jurassic Park -- Completely impossible?


our hair comes from our mother's father.Is it true or not?


A single base exchange mutation occurs in the promoter of the TRP operon. How the operation of the HIS operon might be affected in two ways?