Micro Biology Interview Questions
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What is the phenomenon of diffusion test?

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What is the main purpose of Malichite Green?

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What is the difference between Passive Immunity and Active Immunity?

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what is the advanteg of ricombinant antigen?& what is the advanteg of sinthethick antigen? and advanteg of both?


what are bivalves?what makes them potentially dangerous?

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what is the difference between bacteria and fungi?

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How would you grow a culture of one specific microorganism from a mixed broth culture?

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what laboratory procedures are followed when working with microorganisms?

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Name some pathogenic microorganisms found in water?

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How would you feel about working with pathogens and carcinogens?


Do you mind handling fungi?

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How is MRSA infection treated?

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Are VRE clients isolated?


what are possible sources of faecal coliform pollution?

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What is babesiosis?

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Un-Answered Questions { Micro Biology }

You receive a package that contains plants that may have been injured by herbicide drift or may have a virus. With no further information, how might you determine which is the problem?


What is the importance of Rhodococcus sp ?


Explain about CFU counting of BCG strain ?


Explain about the sucide plasmid directed mutagenesis in pseudomonas?


How to contaminate bacterial culture ?


What are feather microbes ?


Describe Shigella flexneri ?


How to kill filamentous phages?


Explain about Irradiation of live virus vaccines ?


In determining a morph unknown, what tests can I do to narrow between Corynebacterium pseudodiph and xerosis?


Describe the direct and indirect methods for measuring bacterial population growth?


Explain why the three-domain system was devised and identify the domains to which microorganisms belong?


Explain the 16s rRNA sequencing to determine the presence of bacteria ?


This microscopic life form is transparent and has an elongated body that is pointed at the rear. The mouth is at the base of the neck, which can be extended like the trunk of an elephant. What is this ciliophora called?


How to improve co-transformation efficency?