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Micro Biology Interview Questions
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What are the symptoms of babesiosis?

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what is Acanthamoeba infection?

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What are Prions?Are they a new form of life?


what are DNA vaccines?

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what is campylobacter jejuni?

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What are the symptoms of dengue fever?

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What is group B Streptococcus infection?

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what is Otitis Externa?

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why Bladder Infections More Likely in Women ?

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How do you get a better poinsettia?

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What is fecal coliform?

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what is the causal organism of Multiple sclerosis?

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what are the symptoms of lime disease?

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Can persons with atypical mycobacterial disease infect others?

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what are cold sores?

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Un-Answered Questions { Micro Biology }

Give an account of TCID50 and plaque forming unit (PFU) ?


properties of fehling's reagent


What is meant by biotransformation and swertiamarin?


How to detect AHL signal?


i have rejected once for the reason that why am i not applied for master. as i am already post graduate and i have got i20 for the degree course which is very helpful in my professional career. what should be the best ans to resolve it.


Are quaternary ammonium compounds sporicidal?


Explain the aminoglycosides resistance problem ?


Describe fungal promoter in bacteria ?


Why are the bacilli arranged at angles to each other?


What are 2 features of Oomycetes that exclude them from the true Fungi?


Compare the different Isolation Techniques ?


How to Isolate Rhodococcus sp?


How to search specific Cell line ?


Describe the antiviral activity screening facilities ?


Which bacteria do not have a lipopolysaccharide outer layer, but do have teichoic acids attached to their cell walls gram positive or gram negative?